The Angels In Our Lives


The fascination with angels and the angelic realm grows daily around the world.  People are now talking openly about the angels in our lives and how they have appeared and assisted in many ways.

Stories about angelic interventions and communications, visions, assistance and even artwork is appearing more frequently around the globe.  Interest and the belief of angels transcends languages, religions, cultures and all human boundaries.

Angels bring messages and comfort in moments of despair, and have the ability to show up at the exact moment of need.  Our Spirit Guides (or guardian angels) are linked with the angels and are with us throughout our entire lives.

Angels come in all forms, sizes, shapes and colors.  Some are powerful and complex beings who deal with the secrets and mysteries that underpin the foundations of the entire Universe.

Some angels are inspirational and teach us life lessons through the virtues of honesty, humility, purity, goodness, joy and beauty. Other angels guide us through joyous participation and lighten and gladden our hearts.

As people are evolving and spiritually awakening, angels are becoming more and more evident in our daily lives, and many people are expressing their thoughts and emotions about the angels in our lives.

Working with the angels offers us the opportunity to develop wisdom, to strengthen self-understanding and overcome obstacles.  As we integrate our body, soul, mind and spirit, we raise our own vibrational rate and frequency as well as the vibrational fate of humanity as a whole.  As we connect with the angels in our lives, our goal is to achieve higher states of spirituality.

The angels in our lives wait for our call and are longing to help us in every way and in everything we do in this life and beyond, and there is no task that they cannot help us with.  

The angels in our lives are dedicated to helping us and all of humanity in practical, as well as spiritual ways.


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Joanne Walmsley

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