1. So, I see 33 a lot, does that mean one of the above are around me?

    1. Ina nutshell, yes. See link below for more information.

      Angel Number 333


  2. Is there a way to find out which Ascended Master is guiding me, or is best to guide me? Thanks.

  3. I too wish to know this, please, and thanks.

  4. "Ascended Masters" has become much to commercialized. There is no need for so many physical beings to take credit for gifts that they have obtained through their "Ascended Masters"...unless of course someone has some evidence that God himself has anointed all of these individuals- in which case I revoke my previous statements ;)

  5. I agree that people have commercialized spiritually way too much. However, when it comes to proving that God has anointed someone one has to look at the whole of reality that God has made. He sees the entire picture and has put each person in place so that they can make the future what it needs to be. For example take a rug with a picture on it or a blanket, what would happen it you take out an entire thread from end to end? The picture would not be the same. A movement of thread will change the picture. So God has anointed and placed each and every one of us where we need to be. If someone just helps one person become what they need to become then they have done God purpose. Keep in mind that it takes both good and bad experiences to make a person who they are. Bless you All You are Gods gift to creation.