Guidance From The Angels

Guidance From The Angels

One of the angels’ many functions is to guide us and to give us wise counsel and guidance throughout our lives. It is up to us to be open to them in order to hear the guidance from the angels, and faith and trust take the action needed in our lives.

People seek guidance from those trained as counsellors and therapists, as well as their family, friends and colleagues. Sometimes though, we need to look to higher sources for guidance from the angels. Our guardian angels (or spirit guides) link us to our higher-self  -  our own inner-wisdom and knowledge base.

Very often we are too close to the problem or situation and are emotionally involved, so are unable to see all options from a higher perspective and discern clearly. When we are able to understand things from a higher perspective, even if only on a subconscious level, we are able to overcome our perceived obstacles.  

Accepting spiritual guidance from the angels can be a positive, life-changing experience.

How to Seek Guidance from the Angels

*  Take yourself to a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. Make a place where you feel comfortable and at total ease. Give yourself the time-out in order to take full advantage of your angelic connection and communication.

*  Close your eyes and focus upon your breathing, allowing it to become slow and deep.  Totally relax the mind, body and soul. Take your time and don’t rush yourself. Just allow it to happen naturally.

*  Focus upon your Crown Chakra and feel your connection to your Higher Self.

*  Ask your Higher Self to send down a shaft or sphere of vibrant light to surround and protect you. (The light can be any color, and most often appears as the color deemed to be most appropriate and best aligned to what you most need to bring balance and healing into your life).

*  Invoke your spirit guide or guardian angel and ask for spiritual guidance from the angels on any topic you choose.

*  Invite your angel to come and sit with you.

*  Visualize yourself sitting opposite your spirit guide or guardian angel. You may become aware of a brilliant light forming in front of you. Imagine this light growing larger, taking the form of your angel.

*  Open your heart to your angel. Allow yourself to telepathically tell your angel all of your issues, problems and concerns. Don’t hold back. Be honest with yourself and your angel.

*  Be open to receiving any insights or messages from your angel, and be willing to put their suggestions and guidance into practice in your life.

*  When you feel ready, allow yourself to come to full waking reality.

Our angels give us wise counsel and allow us to look at the bigger picture. We need to be prepared to heed the guidance from the angels and take appropriate action in our lives in order to bring about balance and harmony, healing and joy.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


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    1. Yo lo hice varias veces ni me di cuenta de lo que hice fue un impulso de mi corazón.

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  4. Divine Angels give us support & guide us on our paths. Life is about choice and with free will we make our own choices. Go within and meditate, Listen to your inner wisdom,that's where you find the answers. Peace & light always M

  5. Am I loosing my mind? Lately I've been having conversations Within. This is something that has never happened to me before. It started happening once I became more spiritual and also reading all your messages on here. I can't explain it but a lot of the communication between the angels are really really positive. But sometimes I wonder if I'm just losing my mind and it's not real. But I know one thing for sure it makes me feel good when I get their positive feedback. So could you shed your words of wisdom with me and reassure me that this is real? All I know is when I need answers I just close my eyes and then I hear a voice talk to me so peaceful and Serene. And the feedback is always really really positive. But I also wonder sometimes if it's just me being all in my head.

  6. I have a testimony: one night I was praying and meditating and woke up so happy. Tired but happy. I was taking my son to the doctors as I'm driving something tells me to look at this person license plate. And it read seventytm7 or something like that but I know for sure it was 70x7 and I automatically thought the Bible Matthew 18. It basically speaks on forgiveness and forgiving your brother or sister 70x7. But not knowing, that same weekend a good friend of mine was really upset and started being very cold hearted and nasty to me and I thought to myself And prayed about the situation and then again the passage came to me again and I cried but I did what I needed to do witch was forgive her and move on.

    Hope this help someone.

  7. Thank you Divine Family Bless you Joanne