Creating An Angel Journal


When connecting and communicating with angels, your personal experience can dissipate much like a dream unless they are written down and recorded  -  and this is where creating an Angelic Journal (or Angel Diary) can make a positive difference to your experiences.

Creating an Angelic Journal or Angel Diary is a very effective method of recording your angelic experiences, messages, visions and insights.  Your angelic journal is a tangible, personal memoir and wisdom book, and this attracts even more angelic energy into your life.

When first creating an Angelic Journal, intuitively choose a notebook that you are attracted to and that resonates with you.  You may customise the pages of your angelic journal with pictures of angels, poems about angels and positive affirmations ... anything to do with angels that you like.  Dedicate this book to your angel encounters and treat it with reverence and love.

Your Angel Diary or Angelic Journal can be used for a variety of things, such as to record inspirational and loving messages, poems and quotes, to keep photos of people who inspire you and those you love, as well as images and pictures of angels, feathers and the like.  Your dreams, meditations, visions, insights, thoughts, messages and ideas can also be noted in your Angelic Journal.

Write down your angelic experiences and encounters, no matter how vague or fragmented they may seem to you at the time.  Allow yourself time to assimilate what you may have learned, seen, heard or envisioned, then write about them in your Angel Diary.  By creating an Angelic Journal and recording your experiences in writing, you are grounding the angelic encounters into the ‘here and now’, making them an invaluable resource for reflection, understanding and spiritual growth.

Some experiences may make no sense to you for days, weeks, months and possibly even years, making your Angel Diary a very special way of accumulating and assimilating understanding and wisdom as you reflect upon your experiences.  When the Divine timing is right your angels will ensure that you understand the messages.

Within your Angel Diary you can note all of the things you feel grateful for in your life, such as loved ones, your job, your home and pets, your friends;  all that you are grateful to have in your life each day.  Many people who work with the angelic realm keep an Angelic Journal or Angel Diary of sorts in order to keep a record of all the positive things that happen in their lives.  You can also list your positive goals, desires and aspirations in your angelic journal.

Gratitude attracts positive energy into your life, strengthens your energy field and attracts more angelic energy towards you.

Creating an Angelic Journal opens your subconscious mind to angelic inspiration and communication as you are able to record your angelic thoughts, dreams, visions, insights and meditations.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. im in love with everything on this Website,,,it is so dear to me. I will definitely record my journey!!!

  2. I already keep a Writer's journal. It is beautiful to also know it will play as my Angelic Journal as well.

  3. I already keep a Writer's Journal! It is beautiful to know that it will now also play as my Angelic Journal as well.

  4. I have created my own blog page that acts as my Angels journal.
    However , I will definitely get a notebook too.
    Thank you so so much !!! ♡♡♡
    Always and forever grateful!!!Love & light to all !!! ♡♡♡

  5. I love the idea of this journal. I have received a wealth of Angel numbers in the past few days and will definitely start my journal with them and everything else you suggest. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  6. This could be very meditative in and of itself.

  7. Love this website will make an angle dairy great idea.