Creating An Angel Altar

Creating An Angel Altar

An angel altar can be a very important link in establishing a strong, powerful connection with the angelic realm, and creating an angel altar is simple to do.

An angel altar is a tangible focal point and a portal to serenity where you can sit in solitude and peace, and open your heart and mind to the angels. You can make it your own sacred space and a harmonious sanctuary for your mind, body and soul.

Creating an angel altar provides an opportunity for grounding and spiritual transformation, allowing for the expression of creativity and love. You are free to express yourself emotionally, spiritually and artistically. Angels are attracted to places of love, peace and harmony.

When creating an angelic altar, choose items that have been inspired by the angels through your intuition and meditations. Include items that have special and/or sentimental meaning to you. It can be a valuable exercise to meditate and ask the angels what items would be most appropriate when creating an angelic altar. Your angelic altar should make you feel centred, loving, harmonious and at peace with yourself and the world.

When creating an angelic altar you can experiment with the lay-out, position and/or the items placed upon the altar. You can place flowers, crystals, angelic art, figurines of angels, bells, shells, candles, incense, essential oils, affirmation cards, feathers ... whatever you most resonate with.

By creating an angelic altar you are indicating to the angels and to your subconscious mind and Higher Self that you wish to connect and communicate with the angels.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

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