Channelling Messages From The Angels

Channelling Messages From The Angels

Angels are messengers from the Universe or Source, and by channelling messages from the angels we are able to gain insight into our lives. Our guardian angels are our first connection with the angelic realm. The task of our guardian angel is to guide us through our life lessons and experiences. Our guardian angel (or Spirit Guide) helps us to build upon the knowledge and wisdom that we have already accrued and acquired throughout this life time and those before. Our spirit guide links information together and help us to discover underlying patterns and find clues and insights about them.

Our angels’ insights and revelations can come to us through a vision whilst daydreaming, dreaming while sleeping, and just upon waking from a dream.Channelling messages from the angels is a direct route to angelic inspiration and insight.

It is most important to establish and maintain a loving, personal relationship with your spirit guides and angels based upon faith, trust and love. This assists with building and identifying with your inner-self. Channelling messages from the angels increases our spiritual awareness, and allows us to glean incredible insights.

Channelling messages from the angels can be easily achieved with faith and practice.

*  To begin, either grab a pen and piece of paper, or have a word processing document open on your computer.

*  Formulate your questions by writing them down (or typing them) clearly and concisely.

*  Relax as much as possible and make sure that you are totally comfortable. Ground and centre yourself, and focus upon your true intentions.

*  Calm your mind, body and soul, and open your heart.

*  Summon your guardian angel (spirit guide).

*  Ask your guardian angel to open a harmonious channel for you.

*  Write down exactly what you hear, are told, any visions or impression you may have  -  everything that is given to you without censoring or changing it in any way.

*  Meditate upon your messages and have faith that your subconscious and inner-self are understanding and resonating with the messages.

With faith and trust and patience and practice, you will be able to clearly hear and interpret the messages from your angels and guides.

Spiritual information is always encoded in Light, so after channelling messages from the angels, you may note that you carry more light in your personal energy field or aura.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts. Wish you a blessed and wonderful day

    Jonny ☺

  2. It's a bit hard to prove though... It seems like the message is from myself... No one can really prove any of this. Can we?

    1. That is entirely for you to discern, as only you can know what resonates with you, and what doesn't.