Raising Your Vibrational Rate to Connect with Angels


The first and most important step in making a strong connection with angels and the angelic realm is to purify ourselves and our environment as this assists with raising our vibrational rate.  The reason for this may at first not seem obvious. Angels exist at a high vibrational frequency as they exist in the ‘subtle energy’ (the realm of spirit), whilst humans live in the physical world.  Angels are naturally attracted to humans who have higher states of consciousness.

A part of raising our vibrational rate is to de-clutter our lives.  We must make room in our lives in order for the angels to enter.  We are to clear our homes and workplaces of all clutter, clear away unwanted possessions and clean and freshen our homes on all levels.  We are to open the doors and windows daily in order to let out stale energy.  

Raising our vibrational rate involves clearing out physical junk and items and objects that are not uplifting as this helps to clear the mind and ushers in positive energies.  Old, tattered furniture and second-hand items and jewellery need extra cleansing.  Incense can be used to waft away unwanted, negative vibrations.  Discard old clothing that you have not worn in the last year or two  –  particularly clothes with holes, that look drab, and/or no longer fit well.  If you are a fan of second-hand or vintage clothing, ensure that they are well cleaned and cleansed prior to storing and wearing them.

Crystal and brass singing bowls, gongs, bells, cymbals, rattles and drums are helpful in raising our vibrational rate and the energy around us.  Clapping your hands is also an effective way to break up stagnant energies, particularly in the corners of rooms.

Raising our vibrational rate includes avoiding negative places and people who drag down our energies.  Once we can hold our higher angelic and vibrational rate we are able to help and assist others and raise their vibrational rate just by being around us.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. You fill my spirit with love. Thank you

    1. She is the channel, and to her credit for availing herself to her soul purpose, but the Love that fills your spirit comes from Spirit/Divine Source/Universal Energies/God/dess πŸ•‰️πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’œ