ANGELIC SIGNS – Signs from the Angels

ANGELIC SIGNS – Signs from the Angels

As we become consciously aware of angels and learn how to sense the presence of angels, the veil between our world and theirs becomes thinner. We do not need to be psychic or clairvoyant in order to experience angelic contact and connection. The angels wish for all of us to communicate with them, daily. Angelic assistance and communication is always available, and all we need to do is ask.

Angels are obedient, Divine beings who obey cosmic law, and it is their duty to give freely and lovingly of themselves as this is an expression of the outpouring of their Divine essence of light and love.

Angels are able to be perceived by all of the human senses.

*  The atmosphere of the room (or environment) may suddenly change, and you feel surrounded and/or enveloped by a warm glow. The air may tingle around you, or you may feel a rush of energy down your spine.

*  A beautiful fragrance may waft around you or fill a room or the space you are in. This aroma can be described as the smell of summer flowers and sometimes as sweet Myrrh.

*  When we first learn how to sense the presence of angels, we may experience a particular sweet taste in our mouths. We may also hear ethereal sounds, which are often associated with angelic renewal and healing.

*  We often experience a feeling of encompassing love and an overwhelming sense of peace.

*  Coloured, twinkling lights may seem to appear from out of nowhere and have no visible source.  Shafts of brilliant light and sometimes spheres and spots of color dance in front of your eyes. This can happen when you are consciously working with the angels and/or when drifting off to sleep, or in a relaxed and/or meditative state.

*  During ‘angelic meditation’ we may experience a bright dazzling light in front of us. This can be seen even when your eyes are closed.

*  During meditation we may experience an ‘angelic breeze’, which feels much like a warm summer breeze wafting over us.

*  We may feel the presence of angels’ wings enfolding us or brushing against us.  Sometimes we may even feel angelic hands touching our shoulders and/or hands, or embracing us.

*  We may become aware of increasing ‘coincidences’ occurring in our lives, and our problems seem to solve themselves, most often in the most unexpected ways.

*  Some angelic signs include showing us white feathers. An angelic sign of their presence, contact and communication can come by way of white feathers which appear in the most unlikely of places and at unusual times.  The appearance of white feathers is one of the most prolific of angelic signs. When a white feather appears carry it around with you ensuring that the connection is held fast, and you keep the angel close to you.

*  You may see angelic signs in cloud formations, particularly over sacred sites and/or when you have asked for angelic assistance. Occasionally you may even see clouds that look like feathers.

*  It has been reported by many people many times over, that angels are able to appear to us within crystals. They are able to appear in ‘angelic crystals’ such as Seraphite, Danburite and Celestite, and most commonly in Clear Quartz crystals.

*  Many people have found that flowers placed on ‘angelic altars’ appear to last much longer than usual, and at times, after particularly profound angelic encounters, may even change colour.

*  Angels may manifest alongside ‘angelic gifts’ such as statues, little angel pins, angel cards, angel figurines and the like.  If you receive an unexpected gift of an angel from someone, know that the angels have guided them to give it to you.

*  Another form of angelic signs is through the use of words. Often after you ask for angelic help or guidance, you may hear the word ‘angel’ mentioned all around you in songs, on the television, it may appear on book covers and the like, or someone may say the word ‘angel’ or ‘angels’ in an unlikely context.

*  You may hear your name whispered in your ear, or another specific word or phrase of personal significance.

*  Angels can also send you signs and messages through repeating number sequences, or Angel Numbers.

Although there is a basic/generic meaning/vibration within the numbers, their actual message/s can differ from person to person depending upon their personal numerology, birth date, life circumstances and soul path, personal significance etc. One of the main things about seeing the repeating number sequences or Angel Numbers is the fact that you are consciously acknowledging them. At this time, your angels are communicating directly with YOU. The messages are for YOU and they are about YOU and YOUR life ...  It is up to YOU to take the time to go within, listen to your intuition and true self, and figure out what the message/s are telling YOU and what they mean to YOU. Only you know what lies within you ... Your highest guidance is unique for you and you have all of your own answers within you. 

Further information and a guide to the messages and meanings of repeating number sequences, or Angel Numbers can be found at: http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com.au

There are many angelic signs to look out for ... you just need to be aware and tuned into them. The angels are always around you, communicating, supporting, encouraging and loving you.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. So it was an angel who whispered my name, not a demon. Holy shit.

  2. For over 2 years I have been more and more aware of these messages and signs. It started in my childhood, but I did not put these things together until 2014. Weeks with little sleep, keeping vigil for a loved one, in the hospital. One night something happened, I believe, that opened me up to this world of truth, the only reality.
    I thank you for this site and the confirmation of my, no, of OUR potential in this realm. Tsunamis of synchronicity. Blessings to you. Success with your book. Blessings!
    albert nagy 601tcs@yahoo.com

  3. Right before I read the part about seeing a fleck of bright light, I saw one and it was to the upper right of me. White and gold. That's a synchrony..I often find white feathers and my mother gave me an angel statue as a gift this past Christmas

  4. What about Angelite too ?

  5. I find heart shaped leaves in the path I walk when significant circumstances are taking place in my life. The leaves are extraordinary because all the other leaves around my path and on the trees are not shaped like hearts. Thank you Archangel Daniel! I believe these symbols are from you. Handpicked from the tree of life. Life is Love & Love is Life. Amen ��

  6. The other day I was tired and I took a nap...just before I woke I heard a male voice say my name...I thought that someone in the house had called my name and that's what woke me, but I realized that wasn't the case...I heard my name just before I woke nothing else was said...what does it mean when you hear your name called right out of thin air..

    1. Ms. Sharon. I heard someone two nights in a row speak (not whisper) my name. Ummm. I also noticed you posted this on my daughter's bday.

    2. Ms. Sharon. I heard someone two nights in a row speak (not whisper) my name. Ummm. I also noticed you posted this on my daughter's bday.

    3. Normally it means your about to do something wrong and their trying to protect you by saying your name! It helps you rethink what your doing or about to do

  7. What does it mean when you hear your name in a dream just before you wake or you hear your name called right out of thin air..my name was called 3 times and wondered who it was..it was about 2 in the morning when this happened...what does it mean when that happens, I would like to know...god bless
    Thank you...

    1. That's the voice of your spirit guide ... and it is a very, very common phenomena.


    2. Normally it means your about to do something wrong and their trying to protect you by saying your name! It helps you rethink what your doing or about to do

  8. Thank you for your response..
    But I need to know what it means...
    Thank you

  9. What does it mean when you hear your spirit guide calls your name..
    God bless

  10. I only found out about angel numbers a few days ago and which was what led me to this website. I will really like to know more about Angels. Thanks.

  11. not a whisper at all. driving my car, heard loudly and clearly my whole name and "stop this car NOW" I stomped my brake and stopped for a green light as a truck went barreling through the red light.

    1. Yeah, they normally say your name when something bad is about to happen or when you are about to make a mistake

  12. As soon as I read this I heard the song on th mention "hear the angels voices" on the part where Home Alone is in the Catholic Church and the kids are signing in the choir. I started tearing up!

    I love my angels!