Pallas Athena


Also known as:  Ascended Lady Master, The Lady Master, Lady Athena, Athene, Athene

Ray:                        12th Ray, 5th Ray
Colour:                    Pink
Focus:                     Insight and intuition
Chakra:                   3rd Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra
Signs/Symbols:       Sword (pink sword)

Pallas Athena is known as the Ascended Lady Master, the ‘Goddess of Wisdom’, and the ‘Goddess of Truth’. Pallas Athena as is also known as the goddess or Master of courage, inspiration, wisdom, civilization and law and justice.

Pallas Athena is the Chohan of the 12th Ray; the Ray of the New Age. Pallas Athena sits on the karmic board and represents the 5th Ray; the Ray of Science, order, reason and logic.

Pallas Athena resonates with the Warrior Goddess within us, and she encourages us to live and speak our truths.

Pallas Athena is helping to ground and anchor the feminine energies, along with Lady Nada and Quan Yin

Pallas Athena brings clear insight and strong intuitive abilities, and helps to open the 3rd Eye Chakra.

Pallas Athena teaches maths, music, sacred geometry, the Laws of Alchemy and Cosmic Law.

Pallas Athena helps us to find the truth within ourselves, and to express those truths.
Ascended Master Pallas Athena has a very strong and focused energy and she encourages us to stand up for ourselves and our true values, principles and truths. She then assists us with expressing ourselves in the most loving and purposeful ways.

Pallas Athena encourages and helps us to look for new ways to approach situations, overcome obstacles, make ‘right’ choices and take responsibility and control of our lives. This enables us to actively create our own realities and experiences, rather than just reacting and responding to the events that take place around us and to us. Pallas Athena encourages us to be pro-active about our own lives.

Pallas Athena relates to reason over passion, truth, justice and fairness, and teaches us to use logic and reason, and inspires us to live with truth and honour. Pallas Athena oversees and assists those who fight for truth and justice, and causes beyond themselves. Pallas Athena encourages us to stand up for our truths, and reminds us that true strength comes from within. Pallas Athena reminds us that strength comes from an inner-knowing and fortitude that holds you firm during trying and/or difficult times. She brings the strength and courage to overcome obstacles and adversity.

Call upon Pallas Athena for support when standing up for your own rights, and for the rights of others.

Pallas Athena assists and guides those who wish to know spiritual truths and who then pass on their knowledge and wisdom for others to learn from.

Pallas Athena encourages us to learn about who we truly are, and to understand ourselves and our values, principles and truths. Pallas Athena encourages valour and compassion.

Call upon Pallas Athena for help with defending yourself and your own truths, and she will assist by bolstering your self-confidence and bringing clear insight and wisdom.

Through a true heart and soul’s desire to know truths attracts Divine knowing and truths to our consciousness.

Pallas Athena works with the Master Hilarion.

Pallas Athena’s Twin Flame is the Master Maha Chohan.   

The spiritual, etheric retreat of Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan is located over Sri Lanka. Pallas Athena also has a spiritual retreat and place of service in the ‘Temple of Truth’, located in the ethers over Crete.

Pallas Athena helps with:

- Overcoming obstacles and adversity
- Standing up for yourself and your truths
- Living and speaking our truths
- expressing ourselves in the most loving and purposeful ways
-  new ways to approach situations, make ‘right’ choices
-  taking responsibility and control of our lives
- actively creating our own realities and experiences
- spiritual truths, knowledge and wisdom
- bolstering your self-confidence and bringing clear insight and wisdom

Sacred Scribes


  1. I Love You, Lady Pallas Athena. You are always in my Heart. My gratitudes and thankfulness be to you and for you. I am so grateful to God, the Divine, for you. All praises, thankfulness, gratitudes, and glory be to Him.

    And dear Joanne..., thank you so much. You are a fabulous blessings for every one of us. Stay blessed and rewarded abundantly. Thank you so much from the bottom of my Heart.

    With Love, Light, Blessings, Respect, and Peace be to you and to every one of us.°°°❤°°°

  2. I have only recently became aware that Pallas Athena (revealed to me as Althena) was my guide and your description of her brings such great joy and peace. I am a beginner in this realm- thank you for sharing your insight :D