Lady Nada


Also known as:  Master Lady Nada

Ray:                        6th Ray, 7th Ray
Colour:                    Pink
Focus:                    Healing, truth, compassion, selfless service, unconditional love
Chakra:                  Sacred Chakra, Heart Chakra
Crystal:                   Unakite Jasper
Flower:                   Rose
Signs/Symbols:      Pink Rose

The word ‘nada’ means ‘voice of the silent’ or ‘nothing’, which is in reference to her great humility.

Lady Nada is the Master or Chohan of the 6th Ray, the Ray of Idealism and Devotion. She also works on the energy of the 7th Ray and links with the highest of ideals in mankind, stimulating pure thought and inspiring action undertaken with the purest of intent.

Lady Nada rules over and resonates with the Sacral and Heart Chakras, and works with and gives her energies to the numbers 11 and 29, and those born in the month of November.

Master Lady Nada holds the energy of Divine Love, and encourages us to love ourselves unconditionally. Lady Nada teaches us that intelligence requires love to become wisdom, and encourages us to acknowledge and recognize ourselves as perfect spiritual beings, and to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Lady Nada is known as the ‘unifier of families and twin flames’.

Lady Nada serves on the ‘Karmic Board’, which is a group of Ascended Masters and angelic/spiritual beings who offer judgement, adjudication, karma and mercy to every soul. The Master Lady Nada’s role is in helping humankind’s overall needs rather than wants.

Lady Nada anchors the ‘Feminine Ray’ on the Earth plane, and healing is one of Lady Nada’s services to humanity. Lady Nada uses the Pink Flame to facilitate her healing work, and her symbol is the pink rose. Lady Nada also resonates with all aspects of sound and sound healing, also known as Vibrational Healing. Lady Nada’s focus is on sharing the qualities of healing and truth, love and compassion, devotion and selfless service to others.

Lady Nada brings enlightenment and brings forth feminine qualities in both men and women, working to promote balance and cleansing. Master Lady Nada is helping us to restore the balance between the feminine and masculine polarities within ourselves, our relationships, and the world at present. Lady Nada works to expand the hearts of all of humanity, to bring balance to feminine and masculine energies, and to help us learn unconditional love and acceptance of the self and others.

Lady Nada teaches by expressing love through service to others and assists lightworkers, healers, teachers, ministers, missionaries, people who work with the justice system, defenders of freedom, psychologists, therapists and those devoted to serving the needs of people in all ways.

Master Lady Nada offers assistance to those seeking to heighten the level of their spiritual self.

Lady Nada brings reassurance to those who feel that they have been drawn into whirlpools of misleading information generated by some traditional institutions, and offers to remove falsities and mistruths.

Lady Nada emphasizes the benefits of being non-judgmental in one’s attitude, and helps those who are inclined to be over-critical, and will manifest a more evenly balanced attitude within.

Within the ancient Tarot, the Ruling Master for the JUSTICE card is the Master Lady Nada. 

Lady Nada is the Twin Flame of Lord Sananda, and the two of them work on the ray of compassion to bring upliftment and healing to humanity. Lady Nada, as twin flame of Sananda, is his feminine counterpart.

Lady Nada’s etheric retreat, known as the ‘Rose Temple’; home of the ‘Flame of Divine Love’, is over the East Coast of the USA. Lady Nada also has a spiritual retreat situated over Saudi Arabia, and above Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Lady Nada helps with:

- Expressing love and compassion
- learn unconditional love and acceptance of the self and others
- balancing of feminine and masculine energies
- Service to others (humanity)
- Healing and balancing

Sacred Scribes


  1. I want to thank you Ms. Sister Messenger Joanne for bringing the world and keeping the soil rich in the vineyard. May an abundance for new blessings come to you for your contribution and support of this sacred path.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this information so freely with the world. God Bless you. You have illuminated my path for me this day. I am still learning and searching for answers I believe you have brought me closer to one.

  3. Interesting. So many synchronistic coincidences.

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    The Time With Lady Nada.. 🌹

  5. Hello my name is Nada , born in November blond and got ever y aspect mentioned above

  6. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and attended boarding school in Rhode Island. I have always been fascinated by Peru…not only do I resonate with the qualities described but also the geographical locations. Can you provide more info on the Saudi Arabia aspect? I just discovered Aura Soma color therapy and intuitively picked up Lady Nada as one of the tools…incredible.❤️