Djwhal Khul


Also known as: The Tibetan

Ray:                    2nd Ray
Colour:                Emerald Green
Focus:                 Beauty in all things, Removal of Fear
Chakra:               Solar Plexus
Crystals:              Emerald

Djwhal Khul is the Master of Shamballa.

Djwhal Khul is known as the ‘Teacher of Profound Truth of All Things’, ‘The Keeper of Records’, the ‘Illuminator of the Universal Mind’ and ‘The Seeker’s Master’. Djwhal Khul is also known as ‘The Tibetan’.

Master Djwhal Khul is the Chohan of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom; the Emerald Ray. The Emerald Ray relates to the integration and assimilation of insight and knowledge through understanding and expressing our Higher-Selves and the Universal Mind.

Master Djwal Khul is a great teacher and mentor who has vast knowledge of all the mysteries of the Universe. Djwhal Khul is known as the ‘teacher’s teacher’, and as such, he oversees all aspects of teaching and education.

Djwhal Khul brings spiritual teachings and truths to the awareness and consciousness of humanity, and opens us up to the deeper mysteries of life and the Universe. Djwhal Khul also trains souls to embrace the Christ Consciousness and prepares them for sacred service to humanity.

Djwhal Khul’s focus is on guiding us to recognise beauty in all things, and he works to help us to balance and ground energies of all kinds, bringing clarity, love and wisdom.

Djwhal Khul helps us to identify obstacles and blocks along our paths and helps us to discover how to overcome them by guiding us to recognize and realize that we are responsible for our own actions and all that happens to us, thus empowering us to act and react with wisdom. This makes us masters of our own destinies, in control of our own lives and creating our own realities.

Djwhal Khul helps us with self-awareness and self-realization, and helps us to see what actions need to be taken in order to move forward with clarity and purpose.

Call upon Master Djwhal Khul to remove all fear-based processes from your soul memory.

Djwhal Khul’s Twin Flame is the Lady Master Leto.

Djwhal Khul is profoundly learned and knowledgeable, and achieved liberation under Master Lord Kuthumi’s guidance. Djwhal Khul diligently works for our enlightenment alongside Lord Kuthumi and the Master El Moreya. Djwhal Khul works with the Lord Kuthumi to assist mankind in progressing towards the ‘Golden Age’.

Djwhal Khul’s spiritual retreat is over North West Tibet near Mount Kailash.

Djwhal Khul helps with:

- moving forward in our lives
- balancing and grounding energies
- overcoming obstacles
- self-awareness and self-realization
creating our own realities

Sacred Scribes


  1. Thank You. He came to me in meditation informing me he was my new teacher and my homework was to seek and find who he was and what he taught. I have been under Masters El Moyra and Kathumi many years ago. He says I've had a nice rest and it's time to get back to work.