Lady Radiant One


Also known as:  Lady Radiant One, Master Lady Radiant One, Lady Radiant, Lady Clair, Master Lady Clair

Colour:                 Violet
Focus:                  Light, joy and understanding
Chakra:                3rd Eye
Signs/Symbols:    Light

The Lady Radiant One brings the energies to prepare us for what is to come in the future, and instructs, guides and teaches in practical and down-to-Earth ways.

The Lady Radiant One is bringing light, joy, love and understanding to humankind, and is also bringing forth a new, enlightened consciousness.

Lady Randiant One’s focus is on bringing humanity to a place of light and joy.

Call upon Lady Radiant any time that you feel the need for understanding of any issue or problem as Lady Radiant brings understanding and light to any situation or issue at any time.

The Twin Flame of Lady Radiant One is the Master Kuthumi, and they work together to teach new consciousness to humanity.

Lady Radiant One helps with:

- Understanding

Sacred Scribes


  1. I am Kuthumi in in 5d and she is my Twin Flame

  2. I am John Mitchell in 3d but in 5d i am Kuthumi and Lady Clare is my Twin Flame. I work as world teacher under the directions of Immanuel. We are both on earth at this time.