Allah Gobi


Also known as: Lord Allah Gobi, Master Allah Gobi

Allah Gobi is known as the ‘Master of Stillness’.

Allah Gobi helps and encourages us to take the time, effort and energy to be still and silent to enable us to connect with our inner-selves and to acknowledge our inner-Light. He teaches us to still the mind, allowing us to access our Higher-Selves and the inner-voice of wisdom.

Allah Gobi reminds us that all that we need to know and all that we seek is within us.
Allah Gobi encourages us to really know ourselves as this leads to empowerment on all levels, opens us up to a wealth of inner-wisdom and knowledge, and strengthens our connection to the Universal Energies.

Allah Gobi encourages us to release and let go of things that no longer serve us and to rid ourselves of anything that holds us back or weighs us down.

Allah Gobi helps us to find that which has true meaning and helps us to discern what matters most.

Allah Gobi’s Twin Flame is the Lady Karashu. Allah Gobi and Lady Karashu help us to attain and maintain a calm and balanced centre, regardless of external circumstances. Allah Gobi, along with Lady Karashu, teach us to attain an inner-calmness and stillness so that we are able to hear our own inner-voice of wisdom. This in turn inspires us to acknowledge our life purpose and soul missions.

Allah Gobi helps with:

- Releasing and letting go of things that no longer serve us
- Finding what has true meaning for us
- Gleaning inner-wisdom
- Strengthening our connection to the Universal Energies
- Connecting to our inner-selves

Sacred Scribes

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