Archangel Ariana


Focus:     Potential

Crystals:   All crystals

Like some other archangels, Ariana’s origins are unknowable and sacred.

Archangel Ariana is known as the ‘Archangel of Children’ and Archangel Ariana works with and is the principle Guardian Angel of those born with disabilities or special needs/abilities, as she helps us to see the Light and beauty in their souls and also to benefit from the gifts they bring.

Archangel Ariana is also known as the ‘Crystal Archangel’ due to her connection with crystal and mineral kingdoms.

Archangel Ariana brings a wise, nurturing and calming energy, and encourages us to have a higher perspective and a more philosophical view of our lives and all around us.

Archangel Ariana helps us to realize and acknowledge our own potential, and encourages us to fulfil them to the fullest.

As with her Twin Flame Archangel Nathaniel, Archangel Ariana works with crystals and precious metals and minerals, crystal healing, and self-healing techniques.

Archangel Ariana helps with:

- Recognising and acknowledging our full potential
- All facets of crystal healing
- Gaining a higher perspective
- Guiding and assisting special needs/disabled children


Sacred Scribes


  1. Leslie Horton31/1/18 2:23 AM

    My understanding is that Her name is Ariana Celeste,and She"s twin flame, Most High Goddess of Healing and Restoration...Pretty much Michael"s GF...

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    Legion of Light
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  2. My name is Ariana and I am so much like her

    1. Me too! She is our benefactor.

  3. I love this and I appreciate it very much thank you for the information!! Xx 😘

  4. She is spot on! Great resource!

  5. Wish someone could draw her…..