As we become consciously aware and learn how to sense the presence of angels, the veil between our world and theirs becomes thinner.

We do not need to be psychic or clairvoyant in order to experience angelic contact and connection. The angels wish for all of us to communicate with them, daily. Angelic assistance and communication is always available, and all we need to do is ask.

Angels are obedient, Divine beings who obey cosmic law, and it is their duty to give freely and lovingly of themselves as this is an expression of the outpouring of their Divine essence of light and love.

Many people never actually physically see an angel, making it all the more important to learn how to sense the presence of angels. Angels are able to be perceived by all of the human senses.

It is quite simple to learn how to sense the presence of angels.

*  The atmosphere of the room (or environment) suddenly changes, and you feel surrounded and/or enveloped by a warm glow. The air may tingle around you, or you may feel a rush of energy down your spine.

*  A beautiful fragrance may waft around you or fill a room or the space you are in. This aroma can be described as the smell of summer flowers and sometimes as sweet Myrrh.

*  When we first learn how to sense the presence of angels, we may experience a particular sweet taste in our mouths. We may also hear ethereal sounds, which are often associated with angelic renewal and healing.

*  We often experience a feeling of encompassing love and an overwhelming sense of peace.

*  Coloured, twinkling lights may seem to appear from out of nowhere and have no visible source. Shafts of brilliant light and sometimes spheres and spots of colour dance in front of your eyes. This can happen when you are consciously working with the angels and/or when drifting off to sleep.

*  During ‘angelic meditation’ we may experience a bright dazzling light in front of us. This can be seen even when your eyes are closed.

*  During meditation we may experience an ‘angelic breeze’, which feels much like a warm summer breeze wafting over us.

*  We may feel the presence of angel wings enfolding us or brushing against us.  Sometimes we may even feel angelic hands touching our shoulders and/or hands.

*  When we learn how to sense the presence of angels we may become aware of increasing ‘coincidences’ occurring in our lives, and our problems seem to solve themselves, most often in the most unexpected ways.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


Who and What Are Ascended Masters


An Ascended Master is a great teacher, healer or prophet who has lived a human life and who is now in the realm of spirit. An Ascended Master has transcended human limitations. 
Ascended Masters come from every race, tradition, all religions, cultures and civilizations and have worked with mankind throughout our history, and support us with many different aspects of our growth and learning throughout our everyday lives, and are open to our requests for assistance and guidance.

Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual Beings who serve as teachers of the human race. They protect, guide, heal, serve, inspire and teach mankind, and can help us to grow and learn in all areas of our lives. 

Ascended Masters help anyone who asks, regardless of their spirituality, religion, lifestyle choices, background or origin.The Ascended Masters are able to help an infinite number of people simultaneously as they are able to bi-locate their energies.

The Ascended Masters inspire those who search for spiritual awareness, upliftment and guidance. Just like when working with angels and archangels, you must ask for the assistance and/or guidance from the Ascended Masters.

Jesus, Moses, Mary, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Kathumi, El Morya, Master Hillarion, Serapis Bey and Saint Germain, Artemis and Maitreya, Ashtar, Thoth, Melchizedek, Serapis Bey, Lord Lanto, Ragoczy, The Venetian Master, Djwal Khul, Lady Nada, Hilarion, Lord Maha Chohan, Master Sarat Kumara and Padre Pio are but a few of the Ascended Masters, who also include gods and goddesses, saints, devas and deities.

For more information on the Ascended Masters,see

* Deity   -  A being who is honoured and revered for their spiritual contribution while on the Earthplane, and for their continued guidance and assistance from the realm of spirit.

‘Know you, that you go forth along the identical path on which The Masters trod before They ascended. As you follow in their footsteps you will awaken to the reality, that the Light ahead is also the same Light which shines within you.’

-  Kinsley Jarrett    ‘Visions of the Ascended Masters’

Sacred Scribes

Lady Clair


Also known as:  Master Lady Clair, Lady Radiant One, Master Lady Radiant One, Lady Radiant

Colour:                    Violet
Focus:                     Light, joy and understanding
Chakra:                   3rd Eye
Signs/Symbols:       Light

Lady Clair brings the energies to prepare us for what is to come in the future, and instructs, guides and teaches in practical and down-to-Earth ways.

Lady Clair is bringing light, joy, love and understanding to humankind, and is also bringing forth a new, enlightened consciousness.

Lady Clair’s focus is on bringing humanity to a place of light and joy.

Call upon Lady Clair any time that you feel the need for understanding of any issue or problem as Lady Radiant brings understanding and light to any situation or issue at any time.

The Twin Flame of Lady Clair is the Master Kuthumi, and they work together to teach new consciousness to humanity.

Lady Clair helps with:

- Understanding

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Sacred Scribes

Sanat Kumara


Sacred Scribes

Saint Francis


Sacred Scribes



Sacred Scribes

Quan Yin


Sacred Scribes

Pallas Athena


Also known as:  Ascended Lady Master, The Lady Master, Lady Athena, Athene, Athene

Ray:                        12th Ray, 5th Ray
Colour:                    Pink
Focus:                     Insight and intuition
Chakra:                   3rd Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra
Signs/Symbols:       Sword (pink sword)

Pallas Athena is known as the Ascended Lady Master, the ‘Goddess of Wisdom’, and the ‘Goddess of Truth’. Pallas Athena as is also known as the goddess or Master of courage, inspiration, wisdom, civilization and law and justice.

Pallas Athena is the Chohan of the 12th Ray; the Ray of the New Age. Pallas Athena sits on the karmic board and represents the 5th Ray; the Ray of Science, order, reason and logic.

Pallas Athena resonates with the Warrior Goddess within us, and she encourages us to live and speak our truths.

Pallas Athena is helping to ground and anchor the feminine energies, along with Lady Nada and Quan Yin

Pallas Athena brings clear insight and strong intuitive abilities, and helps to open the 3rd Eye Chakra.

Pallas Athena teaches maths, music, sacred geometry, the Laws of Alchemy and Cosmic Law.

Pallas Athena helps us to find the truth within ourselves, and to express those truths.
Ascended Master Pallas Athena has a very strong and focused energy and she encourages us to stand up for ourselves and our true values, principles and truths. She then assists us with expressing ourselves in the most loving and purposeful ways.

Pallas Athena encourages and helps us to look for new ways to approach situations, overcome obstacles, make ‘right’ choices and take responsibility and control of our lives. This enables us to actively create our own realities and experiences, rather than just reacting and responding to the events that take place around us and to us. Pallas Athena encourages us to be pro-active about our own lives.

Pallas Athena relates to reason over passion, truth, justice and fairness, and teaches us to use logic and reason, and inspires us to live with truth and honour. Pallas Athena oversees and assists those who fight for truth and justice, and causes beyond themselves. Pallas Athena encourages us to stand up for our truths, and reminds us that true strength comes from within. Pallas Athena reminds us that strength comes from an inner-knowing and fortitude that holds you firm during trying and/or difficult times. She brings the strength and courage to overcome obstacles and adversity.

Call upon Pallas Athena for support when standing up for your own rights, and for the rights of others.

Pallas Athena assists and guides those who wish to know spiritual truths and who then pass on their knowledge and wisdom for others to learn from.

Pallas Athena encourages us to learn about who we truly are, and to understand ourselves and our values, principles and truths. Pallas Athena encourages valour and compassion.

Call upon Pallas Athena for help with defending yourself and your own truths, and she will assist by bolstering your self-confidence and bringing clear insight and wisdom.

Through a true heart and soul’s desire to know truths attracts Divine knowing and truths to our consciousness.

Pallas Athena works with the Master Hilarion.

Pallas Athena’s Twin Flame is the Master Maha Chohan.   

The spiritual, etheric retreat of Pallas Athena and the Maha Chohan is located over Sri Lanka. Pallas Athena also has a spiritual retreat and place of service in the ‘Temple of Truth’, located in the ethers over Crete.

Pallas Athena helps with:

- Overcoming obstacles and adversity
- Standing up for yourself and your truths
- Living and speaking our truths
- expressing ourselves in the most loving and purposeful ways
-  new ways to approach situations, make ‘right’ choices
-  taking responsibility and control of our lives
- actively creating our own realities and experiences
- spiritual truths, knowledge and wisdom
- bolstering your self-confidence and bringing clear insight and wisdom

Sacred Scribes



Sacred Scribes

Maha Chohan


Also known as:  Lord Maha Chohan, Maha Chohan, Ascended Master Maha Chohan

Ray:                         7th Ray, 3rd Ray
Colour/s:                  Yellow, Purple
Focus:                      Manifesting and manifestation
Element/s:               Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms
Crystal/s:                 Topaz
Trees/Plant:             Ivy 
Animal/s:                 White Dove
Signs/Symbols:       White Dove
Spice:                      Cinnamon

The Maha Cohan’s name means ‘the Great Lord’ and he is known as the ‘Keeper of the Cosmic Flame’ or the ‘Keeper of the Flame’. The Maha Chohan is also known as ‘The Comforter’, and he brings comfort to humankind and all life on planet Earth.

The Maha Chohan is also known as ‘The Lord of Civilization’, and it is his influence which stimulates those who aspire to dynamic positions of leadership within communities.

Lord Maha Chohan embodies the White Light of the Seven Rays, is the Master of the 7th Ray, and also works with the energies of the 3rd Ray, giving the 3rd Ray energies to the numbers 10, 20 and 30 in particular.

Lord Maha Chohan is connected to the minerals of the Earth and is at the helm and oversees the Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms and works to manifest in nature. As Maha Chohan is connected to the Mineral Kingdom, when human evolution is sufficiently developed, the minerals of the Earth will co-operate with humans in an exciting and uplifting partnership.

The Maha Chohan teaches us about balance, trust and making conscious choices in our lives. He guides us to seek equilibrium, balance, integrity and honour in our lives, and assists us with the process of manifestation through enlightened wisdom. The Maha Chohan helps to open us up to the Divine gifts of faith, knowledge, wisdom, healing, insight and clairvoyance, and manifesting and manifestation.

The Lord Maha Chohan is associated with Universal love, patience, discipline, kindness and consideration, endurance, intelligence and improvisation. The Maha Chohan teaches us that when we wish to make progress upon our spiritual path we need patience, persistence and discipline. Maha Chohan also helps us to discern what is real and what is not. Lord Maha Chohan brings courage, assurance, strength, energy, and power to stand by one’s truths.

For those who have an awakened spirituality and for The Illuminated Ones, Lord Maha Chohan’s guidance is one of inspiration, and he sends strengthening energies that will encourage and intensify positive qualities of the personality.

Lord Maha Chohan directs different forms of culture and civilizations through the hearts and minds of enlightened individuals so that all can develop and unfold according to the Divine plan of all lives. The Maha Chohan brings new beginnings and a fresh sense of purpose to those under his influence.

Lord Maha Chohan is said to have been the blind poet, Homer, in a former incarnation.

Within the ancient Tarot, the ruling masters of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE card are the Master Lord Maha Chohan and the Lord Master Hilarion.

The Ruling Master of the FOOL Tarot card is The Maha Chohan and he is also the master for the JUDGMENT Tarot card.

Lord Maha Chohan’s Twin Flame is the Ascended Lady Master, also known as Pallas Athena.

The spiritual, etheric retreat of the the Maha Chohan and Pallas Athena is called the ‘Temple of Comfort’, located over Sri Lanka.

Lord Maha Chohan helps with:

- Teaching and learning spiritual and esoteric information
- opening us up to the Divine gifts of faith, knowledge, wisdom, healing and clairvoyance
- discerning what is real and what is not
making conscious choices
manifesting through enlightened wisdom
- renewing a sense of purpose

Sacred Scribes

Lady Vesta


Sacred Scribes

Lady Venusea


Sacred Scribes

Lady Radiant One


Also known as:  Lady Radiant One, Master Lady Radiant One, Lady Radiant, Lady Clair, Master Lady Clair

Colour:                 Violet
Focus:                  Light, joy and understanding
Chakra:                3rd Eye
Signs/Symbols:    Light

The Lady Radiant One brings the energies to prepare us for what is to come in the future, and instructs, guides and teaches in practical and down-to-Earth ways.

The Lady Radiant One is bringing light, joy, love and understanding to humankind, and is also bringing forth a new, enlightened consciousness.

Lady Randiant One’s focus is on bringing humanity to a place of light and joy.

Call upon Lady Radiant any time that you feel the need for understanding of any issue or problem as Lady Radiant brings understanding and light to any situation or issue at any time.

The Twin Flame of Lady Radiant One is the Master Kuthumi, and they work together to teach new consciousness to humanity.

Lady Radiant One helps with:

- Understanding

Sacred Scribes

Lady Leto


Sacred Scribes

Lady Portia


Also known as:  Ascended Master Lady Portia, Lady Portia, Master Lady Portia

Ray:                           7th Ray
Colour:                      Gold, Cobalt Blue
Focus:                       Feminie energies, strength and power
Chakra:                     All
Element/s:                Earth, Wind, Air and Fire
Crystals:                   Amethyst
Signs/Symbols:        Scales of Justice

Lady Portia represents the 7th Ray on the Board of the Lords of Karma, and is the Master or Chohan of the Golden Ray. Lady Portia is one of the Lords of Karma and sits on the Karmic Board.

Lady Portia embodies Divine Justice and is known as the ‘Goddess of Justice’ and the ‘Goddess of Opportunity’.

Lady Portia is the ‘Keeper of the Sacred Heart Flame’ (also known as the ‘Holy Heart Flame’) which is the feminine aspect of the Violet Flame energy. Lady Portia helps us to anchor the Violet Flame of Transformation within our hearts and minds, and that of humanity.

One of Lady Portia’s main roles is to teach humanity how to attain and maintain balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, through using the attributes of the four elements of Earth, Wind, Air and Fire.

Master Lady Portia’s energies help to bring us into balance in all ways, bringing harmony, inner-peace and stability to all levels of our being. Lady Portia teaches us to attain balance between all polarities, and how to balance love and wisdom, and justice and mercy.

Lady Portia governs judgement and mercy and assists those who want to balance head and heart, and those who come from the lower vibrations (eg. to criticize and/or judge others) to raise their energies and vibrations to their heart centre so that they are able to be more loving and accepting of themselves and others.

Lady Portia shows us that being able to forgive others for their transgressions releases them from their karma, and also releases ourselves. Lady Portia helps to release karma on all levels  -  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Lady Portia increases feminine energies and enables justice, excellence and success. Lady Portia encourages women who are strong within themselves to step forward in whatever way or field they excel in. Lady Portia inspires women to step into their own power and look to opportunities to find success and achievement in their chosen field and/or path.

Master Lady Portia inspires us to be all that we can be and encourages us to live our dreams and fulfil our life’s purpose.

Lady Portia brings grace and justice, and can be called upon for help with legal issues and actions and for assistance in all legal matters.

Lady Portia is the twin flame or Archeia of Saint Germain, and they have their etheric retreat (known as the ‘Cave of Light’) above the northern mountains of India.

Lady Portia helps with:

- Releasing karma on all levels
- Finding and attaining balance and stability
- Finding forgiveness for the self and others
- Living our dreams and fulfilling our life purpose
- Stepping into your own power
- Assistance with all legal issues and actions

Sacred Scribes

Lady Nada


Also known as:  Master Lady Nada

Ray:                        6th Ray, 7th Ray
Colour:                    Pink
Focus:                    Healing, truth, compassion, selfless service, unconditional love
Chakra:                  Sacred Chakra, Heart Chakra
Crystal:                   Unakite Jasper
Flower:                   Rose
Signs/Symbols:      Pink Rose

The word ‘nada’ means ‘voice of the silent’ or ‘nothing’, which is in reference to her great humility.

Lady Nada is the Master or Chohan of the 6th Ray, the Ray of Idealism and Devotion. She also works on the energy of the 7th Ray and links with the highest of ideals in mankind, stimulating pure thought and inspiring action undertaken with the purest of intent.

Lady Nada rules over and resonates with the Sacral and Heart Chakras, and works with and gives her energies to the numbers 11 and 29, and those born in the month of November.

Master Lady Nada holds the energy of Divine Love, and encourages us to love ourselves unconditionally. Lady Nada teaches us that intelligence requires love to become wisdom, and encourages us to acknowledge and recognize ourselves as perfect spiritual beings, and to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Lady Nada is known as the ‘unifier of families and twin flames’.

Lady Nada serves on the ‘Karmic Board’, which is a group of Ascended Masters and angelic/spiritual beings who offer judgement, adjudication, karma and mercy to every soul. The Master Lady Nada’s role is in helping humankind’s overall needs rather than wants.

Lady Nada anchors the ‘Feminine Ray’ on the Earth plane, and healing is one of Lady Nada’s services to humanity. Lady Nada uses the Pink Flame to facilitate her healing work, and her symbol is the pink rose. Lady Nada also resonates with all aspects of sound and sound healing, also known as Vibrational Healing. Lady Nada’s focus is on sharing the qualities of healing and truth, love and compassion, devotion and selfless service to others.

Lady Nada brings enlightenment and brings forth feminine qualities in both men and women, working to promote balance and cleansing. Master Lady Nada is helping us to restore the balance between the feminine and masculine polarities within ourselves, our relationships, and the world at present. Lady Nada works to expand the hearts of all of humanity, to bring balance to feminine and masculine energies, and to help us learn unconditional love and acceptance of the self and others.

Lady Nada teaches by expressing love through service to others and assists lightworkers, healers, teachers, ministers, missionaries, people who work with the justice system, defenders of freedom, psychologists, therapists and those devoted to serving the needs of people in all ways.

Master Lady Nada offers assistance to those seeking to heighten the level of their spiritual self.

Lady Nada brings reassurance to those who feel that they have been drawn into whirlpools of misleading information generated by some traditional institutions, and offers to remove falsities and mistruths.

Lady Nada emphasizes the benefits of being non-judgmental in one’s attitude, and helps those who are inclined to be over-critical, and will manifest a more evenly balanced attitude within.

Within the ancient Tarot, the Ruling Master for the JUSTICE card is the Master Lady Nada. 

Lady Nada is the Twin Flame of Lord Sananda, and the two of them work on the ray of compassion to bring upliftment and healing to humanity. Lady Nada, as twin flame of Sananda, is his feminine counterpart.

Lady Nada’s etheric retreat, known as the ‘Rose Temple’; home of the ‘Flame of Divine Love’, is over the East Coast of the USA. Lady Nada also has a spiritual retreat situated over Saudi Arabia, and above Lake Titicaca in Peru.

Lady Nada helps with:

- Expressing love and compassion
- learn unconditional love and acceptance of the self and others
- balancing of feminine and masculine energies
- Service to others (humanity)
- Healing and balancing

Sacred Scribes

Lady Karashu


Sacred Scribes



Sacred Scribes



Djwhal Khul


Also known as: The Tibetan

Ray:                    2nd Ray
Colour:                Emerald Green
Focus:                 Beauty in all things, Removal of Fear
Chakra:               Solar Plexus
Crystals:              Emerald

Djwhal Khul is the Master of Shamballa.

Djwhal Khul is known as the ‘Teacher of Profound Truth of All Things’, ‘The Keeper of Records’, the ‘Illuminator of the Universal Mind’ and ‘The Seeker’s Master’. Djwhal Khul is also known as ‘The Tibetan’.

Master Djwhal Khul is the Chohan of the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom; the Emerald Ray. The Emerald Ray relates to the integration and assimilation of insight and knowledge through understanding and expressing our Higher-Selves and the Universal Mind.

Master Djwal Khul is a great teacher and mentor who has vast knowledge of all the mysteries of the Universe. Djwhal Khul is known as the ‘teacher’s teacher’, and as such, he oversees all aspects of teaching and education.

Djwhal Khul brings spiritual teachings and truths to the awareness and consciousness of humanity, and opens us up to the deeper mysteries of life and the Universe. Djwhal Khul also trains souls to embrace the Christ Consciousness and prepares them for sacred service to humanity.

Djwhal Khul’s focus is on guiding us to recognise beauty in all things, and he works to help us to balance and ground energies of all kinds, bringing clarity, love and wisdom.

Djwhal Khul helps us to identify obstacles and blocks along our paths and helps us to discover how to overcome them by guiding us to recognize and realize that we are responsible for our own actions and all that happens to us, thus empowering us to act and react with wisdom. This makes us masters of our own destinies, in control of our own lives and creating our own realities.

Djwhal Khul helps us with self-awareness and self-realization, and helps us to see what actions need to be taken in order to move forward with clarity and purpose.

Call upon Master Djwhal Khul to remove all fear-based processes from your soul memory.

Djwhal Khul’s Twin Flame is the Lady Master Leto.

Djwhal Khul is profoundly learned and knowledgeable, and achieved liberation under Master Lord Kuthumi’s guidance. Djwhal Khul diligently works for our enlightenment alongside Lord Kuthumi and the Master El Moreya. Djwhal Khul works with the Lord Kuthumi to assist mankind in progressing towards the ‘Golden Age’.

Djwhal Khul’s spiritual retreat is over North West Tibet near Mount Kailash.

Djwhal Khul helps with:

- moving forward in our lives
- balancing and grounding energies
- overcoming obstacles
- self-awareness and self-realization
creating our own realities

Sacred Scribes



Sacred Scribes



Sacred Scribes

Allah Gobi


Also known as: Lord Allah Gobi, Master Allah Gobi

Allah Gobi is known as the ‘Master of Stillness’.

Allah Gobi helps and encourages us to take the time, effort and energy to be still and silent to enable us to connect with our inner-selves and to acknowledge our inner-Light. He teaches us to still the mind, allowing us to access our Higher-Selves and the inner-voice of wisdom.

Allah Gobi reminds us that all that we need to know and all that we seek is within us.
Allah Gobi encourages us to really know ourselves as this leads to empowerment on all levels, opens us up to a wealth of inner-wisdom and knowledge, and strengthens our connection to the Universal Energies.

Allah Gobi encourages us to release and let go of things that no longer serve us and to rid ourselves of anything that holds us back or weighs us down.

Allah Gobi helps us to find that which has true meaning and helps us to discern what matters most.

Allah Gobi’s Twin Flame is the Lady Karashu. Allah Gobi and Lady Karashu help us to attain and maintain a calm and balanced centre, regardless of external circumstances. Allah Gobi, along with Lady Karashu, teach us to attain an inner-calmness and stillness so that we are able to hear our own inner-voice of wisdom. This in turn inspires us to acknowledge our life purpose and soul missions.

Allah Gobi helps with:

- Releasing and letting go of things that no longer serve us
- Finding what has true meaning for us
- Gleaning inner-wisdom
- Strengthening our connection to the Universal Energies
- Connecting to our inner-selves

Sacred Scribes

Archangel Nathaniel


Colour:                      Red, Orange
Chakra:                     Heart Chakra
Element:                   Fire
Planet:                      Sun, Stars
Crystals:                   Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Garnet, Rutilated Quartz,
Signs/Symbols:        Orange Flame of Transformation

Archangel Nathaniel’s name means ‘Gift of God’ and/or ‘God has given’.
Archangel Nathaniel works with the premise of the Universal Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect (the Law of Karma); that what you give out comes back to you.

Archangel Nathaniel is known as the ‘Angel of Fire’, the ‘Angel of Energy’, the ‘Angel of Purification’, the ‘Angel of Divinity’ and the ‘Angel of Life Purpose’.

Archangel Nathaniel works to open and expand the Heart Chakra.

Nathaniel is said to use the energies of the Sun and
stars and participates with crystal healing sessions and therapies.

Archangel Nathaniel resonates with the element and energies of fire, which are purification, transformation, transcendence, prosperity, protection, cleansing, motivation, passion and enthusiasm. Archangel Nathaniel transfers the Divine energy of fire to our world where it is transformed and used to burn away misconceptions and our feelings of separation.

Nathaniel encourages us to maintain a strong belief and faith in our dreams and aspirations so that he is able to help us to manifest them into our lives. Nathaniel’s fiery energy awakens our passions and desires, and encourages and motivates us to manifest our intentions. Archangel Nathaniel helps you to ignite the energy and passion within you and helps to fan the fire that dwells within to seek to transform it into something uplifting and wonderful. Nathaniel helps us to wake up to our own true power.

Archangel Nathaniel encourages us in the direction of our true heart’s desires and inspires us to follow our passions. He encourages us to do what we love, as doing what we love uplifts the spirits and makes us feel good, empowering us to do more. Nathaniel teaches us how to bring our passions to the fore and transmute our spiritual fire or spark into beneficial action. Archangel Nathaniel encourages us to pursue our life purposes and serve others with altruism and benevolence, as contributing positively to the world and being of service ensures reciprocity. Nathaniel helps us to share our passions in ways that benefit ourselves and others.

Archangel Nathaniel is the patron saint of lightworkers, and he helps to keep us grounded during meditation and spiritual connection and communication. Nathaniel brings balance, harmony and trust, and can be called upon to help you connect with the spiritual, angelic and higher realms. Nathaniel encourages lightworkers to step forward and fully utilize their talents, gifts and abilities to shine love and light out to the world and fully serve and fulfil their life purpose and soul mission.

Archangel Nathaniel helps you to overcome obstacles, shed and heal the past, and brings you a sense of inner-peace and confidence. Nathaniel helps us to understand how to work with our gifts and abilities and implement them into our lives so that we can utilize them for the betterment of ourselves and others. Nathaniel helps us to see the Divine spark within and helps us to discern between things that enlighten, inspire and encourage us along our paths, from things that serve to distract and hinder us.

Archangel Nathaniel encourages you to consider your true wants and desires and to be very clear about what you want to manifest into your life. Nathaniel then inspires you to move forward with your soul mission and turn your passions into reality in your life. Nathaniel helps you to manifest your goals, dreams and aspirations. Nathaniel can also help you to identify your life mission and soul purpose.

Archangel Nathaniel encourages us to work and participate as a collective whose purpose is to heal, help and protect our planet and all of its inhabitants. Archangel Nathaniel is working closely with us helping us to prepare for the spiritual shifts and changes taking place on the Earthplane.

Archangel Nathaniel instigates change on many levels and helps to overcome procrastination and assists with accepting change with grace. He helps you to accomplish more than you thought you could and imbues energy, enthusiasm and passion. Call upon Archangel Nathaniel if needing assistance with focusing your thoughts and emotions and for clarity of mind. When you invoke Nathaniel be prepared for rapid and intense change, as he imbues you with energy, enthusiasm and motivation, as well as wise guidance as to your path. When going through life changes and transitions, ask Archangel Nathaniel to guide and assist, support and encourage you.

If you are contemplating making life changes, or are aware that things in your life are changing, ask Nathaniel to be with you as he will ensure that all transitions are for your highest good. At times, our life changes may not be what we wanted or expected, but Nathaniel ensures that they are for our highest good, and often turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Nathaniel brings purification, protection and cleansing energies, and helps you to clear away and detach from things that no longer serve your highest good. Nathaniel offers guidance regarding all life choices and changes, such as careers, finance, relationships, health and lifestyle etc. Nathaniel helps to heal beliefs and thoughts of self-doubt and/or lack, and helps to bring clarity and a sense of purpose. Nathaniel comes to us to help us with all shifts, changes and advancements in our lives.

Archangel Nathaniel can manifest abrupt, sudden and dramatic changes. Changes can come about in any and all aspects of your life. You may not quite know exactly what changes need to be made, but in hindsight, once the changes transpire, it will become very obvious and clear. At times, changes and shifts can seem difficult, unwelcome and/or overwhelming, but Nathaniel helps us to adapt gracefully through life changes and transitions. When invoking Nathaniel and asking for his help, be clear about your desired path and expect rapid changes to take place.

Archangel Nathaniel encourages us to clear clutter, be rid of waste, and let go of things that no longer positively serve us. At times, changes come about through endings and closures, and Nathaniel encourages us to release the past with love and gratitude for its service, and embrace new experiences and opportunities. Nathaniel helps to clear the path of anything (or anyone) that is preventing or hindering you from pursuing and fulfilling your soul purpose. When you invoke Nathaniel you can expect people and situations to leave your life, making way for better suited circumstances and relationships. If Nathaniel knows that something or someone is not in line with your higher path and purpose, his energies remove them from your life. With hindsight we are able to see how the changes bring benefits of all kinds to our lives.

Call upon Nathaniel when you are feeling stagnant or stuck and feel ready to move forward in your life.

Archangel Nathaniel’s Twin Flame or Archiea is the Archangel Ariana. Ariana works with sensitive children, and helps and assists with autism and the like.

Archangel Nathaniel helps with:

- crystal healing and therapies
manifesting your intentions
- energy, focus and motivation
- your life purpose and soul mission
- overcoming procrastination
- letting go of the past
- clearing your path
life choices and changes
- accepting change with grace
- pursuing your passions
- stepping into your own power

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes

Archangel Lavender


Sacred Scribes

Archangel Daniel


Also known:  Anauel, Serapiel, Serafiel, Seraphael, Haniel,

Colour:                       Emerald, Deep Pink, Magenta
Crystals:                     Emerald, Chrysoprase, Zoisite, Peridot,

Astrology/Zodiac:       Taurus, Libra

Archangel Daniel’s name means ‘God’s Merciful Judgement’.

Daniel is the ‘Angel of Marriage’, the ‘Angel of Universal Love’ and the ‘Principle Guardian Angel’. Archangel Daniel is a Principle Healer, Mentor and Guardian Angel and he resonates with love, strength and peace.

Archangel Daniel is said to be one of the highest ranked angels in the Universe, although his origins are unknowable. Daniel is said to be in charge of the Gates of Ascension.

Archangel Daniel helps us to attract love and encourages us to live our lives to the fullest, finding wholeness and fulfilment within. Daniel also inspires holistic and peaceful lifestyles within the human realm.

Daniel resonates with grace, peace, harmony and truth, and helps us to see circumstances and situations with clarity and insight, allowing us to act most appropriately. Daniel sheds light upon hidden agendas and manipulations, bringing clarity and truth to all situations and circumstances. Archangel Daniel helps us to discern between what is real and what is not.

Daniel brings inspiration for change on all levels, but particularly within relationships.
Daniel assists with growing, developing and strengthening relationship skills and helps to reignite, nurture and maintain the spark within long-term partnerships, encouraging an enduring, loving union.

Archangel Daniel brings help and healing with any aspects of marriage, including separations and divorce and can be called upon for all matters to do with love and marriage. When you wish for Daniel’s help with relationship and marriage issues, call for his presence then ask for his guidance and support, and ask him to show you the best way forward.

Archangel Daniel can help you to release pre-conceived relationship roles and encourages you to be your authentic self. Daniel can assist with releasing and letting go of hurts, fears and baggage from past relationships so that we are able to move forward. Archangel Daniel helps us to find our identity within the depths of our being, and helps us to stand strong within ourselves.

Daniel also helps with any situation calling for charm and eloquence.

Archangel Daniel works with clarity of speech and communication and helps us to have and express compassion for the self and others.

One of Archangel Daniel’s main functions is to help us to focus our desires, dreams and intentions in ways that help us to manifest and materialize those desires and intentions in positive and productive ways.

Archangel Daniel is also able to offer us help with developing our intuitive abilities and helps us to open our hearts to unconditional, Divine love.

Archangel Daniel is associated with the ascension process and works with Archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel to help with the transitions that humans and the world as a whole are going through at this time in Earth’s history.

Archangel Daniel also works with Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael to bring forth the energy of unconditional love to be fully expressed.

Archangel Daniel is appearing to more and more people around the world, through dreams, during meditation, when invoked and also spontaneously. Archangel Daniel often comes to us while we are meditating and/or dreaming, and his presence is powerfully loving, calming and peaceful.

Archangel Daniel helps with:

- Finding inner fulfilment
- Attracting love
- all matters to do with love and marriage
- Developing and strengthening relationships
- Bringing clarity into relationships
- Being your authentic self
- Discerning what is what, and what is not
- Living life to the fullest
- Releasing the past
Developing spiritual and psychic abilities
- The ascension process

Sacred Scribes

Archangel Ariana


Focus:     Potential

Crystals:   All crystals

Like some other archangels, Ariana’s origins are unknowable and sacred.

Archangel Ariana is known as the ‘Archangel of Children’ and Archangel Ariana works with and is the principle Guardian Angel of those born with disabilities or special needs/abilities, as she helps us to see the Light and beauty in their souls and also to benefit from the gifts they bring.

Archangel Ariana is also known as the ‘Crystal Archangel’ due to her connection with crystal and mineral kingdoms.

Archangel Ariana brings a wise, nurturing and calming energy, and encourages us to have a higher perspective and a more philosophical view of our lives and all around us.

Archangel Ariana helps us to realize and acknowledge our own potential, and encourages us to fulfil them to the fullest.

As with her Twin Flame Archangel Nathaniel, Archangel Ariana works with crystals and precious metals and minerals, crystal healing, and self-healing techniques.

Archangel Ariana helps with:

- Recognising and acknowledging our full potential
- All facets of crystal healing
- Gaining a higher perspective
- Guiding and assisting special needs/disabled children


Sacred Scribes