MARY  -  Queen of Angels

Also known as:  Mother Mary, Virgin Mary, Master Lady Mary

Colour:                 Blue
Focus:                  Family, Love
Chakra:                Heart Chakra 
Planet:                 Moon 
Signs/Symbols:   Child/Children

Master Lady Mary is known as the ‘Queen of Angels’.
Mary’s colour is the light blue of healing and brings forth faith and trust.

The Master Lady Mary gives her energies to the numbers 2, and 20 and corresponds to the Moon. 

Mary radiates love and compassion, and her mission is to bring healing and love to all, particularly children and babies and those who feel lost. Master Mary assists with all issues related to children, and gives support for child advocates and those who work on behalf of children. Mary brings mercy, healing and guidance, and relates to fertility, pregnancy and child-rearing. Lady Mary is present with every pregnancy and birth, regardless of belief-sets.

Lady Mary encourages us to use wisdom, patience, intelligence and love in all of our parenting decisions. Mary assists those whose life purpose involves benevolence towards children and child advocates. Mary oversees mothers, healers and therapists, doctors, nurses and care-givers.

Mary can be called upon for help, healings and guidance and encourages compassion for the self and others. Lady Mary heals family disunity and imbues love, compassion, forgiveness and joy. Lady Mary helps to develop patience, tenderness and love for the self and others, and encourages us to love and nurture all aspects of ourselves. Master Lady Mary is also willing to help humankind make a stronger connection with nature.

The Master Lady Mary bestows the energies of intuitive wisdom upon females who aspire to leadership within the community and in world affairs, and gives females the courage to establish themselves securely in society.

Master Lady Mary has embodied the Divine feminine in several incarnations. In Atlantis she was a healer using crystals. She was the Moon Goddess Ishtar in Mesopotamia, and the Egyptian Goddess Isis. In Greece, Mary was Diana, Goddess of the Moon and Nature. Her most well-known life was as Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ.

Within the ancient Tarot, the Ruling Master of The HIGH PRIESTESS card is the Master Lady Mary.

Lady Mary’s etheric retreat is over Lourdes in France, and it has been reported that she has manifested and appeared here many times over the years.

Mary helps with:

- developing a stronger connection with nature
- healing and guidance
- courage
- all to do with children and child-rearing/parenting
- family issues
- developing patience, tenderness and love for the self and others
- intuitive wisdom

Sacred Scribes


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  2. i truly think she has to deal more with war-tendencies that with families or children. but mostly i think it's true.

  3. not sure what other "references" i should give to explain why i'm saying she is dealing with "war-tendencies"; well, goddess ishtar is a goddess of love, war, fertility, and sexuality, (so is- actually, goddess athena (wisdom, war stragedy etc). mary is a leader of all ascended masters, also a leader of lemurian mission on earth (that i've read somewhere, which is obviously-true) , so you can't lead anything on earth if you don't know anything about war or stragedy. of course everyone has to think by themselves whether "war" would identify with mary or not but mostly there are many things that people just don't know yet.

    but mostly i would really like to thank you for a lovable website you are having, i've found much help from here, all about angel numbers and everything a person on spiritual path would need. acsended masters are watching over everyone and incredible things are indeed going to happen on earth within few years. :)

    thank you! i wish you love and peace and miracles!

  4. So true about helping and saving children...I was born in communist country/ex Yugoslavia, my parents baptized me because of my grandmother, but we never pray or esp. my mother never believed in anything she could not see or touch. I was very sad child, shy and mostly alone. But listen to this, in the middle of my city, 2 times as a child I have found the pendant of Lady Mary, once like silver, and other copper. Still have them..Tibetan Buddhist and Dzog Chen master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu said that for him, when as refugee came to Italy long time ago, when He saw Lady Mary he thought~Oh, THIS IS TARA, female Bodhisattva or in other stories even female Buddha. When my country Serbia was bombed by nato, was praying to Tara and after very special meditation about 21 Tara's emanations, few days later peace was established. Sarwa Mangalam. Thank You dear Lady for this blog. Have no words to describe how much it is helping me.

    1. I never realized it before, but Lady Mary was there for me when I was a kid, living in a dysfunctional family. I prayed a lot to Her when I was afraid and couldn’t fall asleep. But I never told that to anyone.
      One time I found a little copper statue of Her on a trash pile somewhere (there were a lot of those in the seventies!). Your story reminded me of that again. Too bad I don’t have it anymore, when my parents divorced, a lot got lost. But I treasured it while I had it.
      One thing I never forget is a vivid dream I had one night. I had nightmares a lot, but this was completely different. I woke up and went to the little room across my bedroom. No idea why because there was nothing else to see than the dirty laundry and buckets, cleaning materials and so on. That night, nothing of tge usual was there! I saw the most beautiful altar with a majestic Lady Mary sitting on a trone. She was as big as an adult, but was a statue. The colours all looked very clear and bright, like if it was daytime. Every time after that night, can you imagine my disappointment to see that room in it’s old way again? Still, that moment she appeared there for me meant everything to me. My parents were not catholic by the way. They said it was just a dream. I always knew it was more than that. She gave me hope on better times. Those times have come, this quiet, unhappy child got through well, thanks to Lady Mary 🙏

    2. Oh dear Annick, what a wonderful story and event! It is true what You have seen, because, in absolute teaching of Buddhism everything IS a dream. Besides Lady Mary story and TARA- female Buddha and Her 21 emanations where one is especially taking care of children, in Nepal there is female deity called Harati Mata-The goddess is worshiped as the guardian of children. The local residents believe that the goddess takes care and protects the children until 12 years. I believe if one has pure heart and is like a child in the most positive meaning of that word, then, She is always with us. Much love!

  5. i find it all very confusing 22/4 life path and with an 11/2life path and 22/4 22/4 also in his charts and next to this i have something with 2112 so i went to look it up and sideways i came to mary .
    Lets tell u that my name is ; miriam esther and my sons is damian mika both without knowing the meaning of all names and when i found out its all getting really complicated my only hang on was that my name was not mary but miriam but unlucky me it means somehow the same
    and besides that my birth date is 26/06/1979 and that from my son is 25/12/99 and my other son little (for me angel michael ) was born on 02/12/2001 but in more ways i have looked but everytime al the puzzle pieces keep falling exactly in the same right spot help do i see things where i have to know or worry about or can someone who understands what i mean by this give some information ore advice ?
    greetz and love miriam