Archangel Raguel


Also known as:  Akrasiel, Raguil, Rasuil, Rufael, Suryan.

Colour:      Pale blue
Focus:       Individual and collective freedom
Crystals:    Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite, Kyanite

Archangel Raguel’s name means ‘friend of God’, and he is often referred to as the ‘Angel of Justice and Fairness’, and is the archangel for the ‘underdog’.

Archangel Raguel is also known as the ‘Angelic Ambassador of Harmony, Balance and Orderliness’, and the ‘Divine Peacekeeper’. Archangel Raguel can be considered a leader within the angelic realm as he is responsible for overseeing the other archangels and angelic beings, and ensures that all is in alignment with Divine order and Divine Laws.

Archangel Raguel realigns us with our higher-selves and resonates with truth, integrity and balanced power. He assists us to rediscover and reconnect with the essence of who we truly are within, allowing us to experience truth, integrity, self-respect and empowerment within ourselves, others, and all of our relationships.

Archangel Raguel oversees groups, relationships and social order. Raguel’s mission is to help restore the balance of power on our planet and to encourage further individual and collective freedom, and to help people and groups rise above oppression and the like.
Archangel Raguel can be called upon to de-esculate tension, manage a crisis and dissolve stress and chaos, as he encourages diplomacy and brings resolution to any argument or misunderstanding. Call upon him to overcome discrimination, harassment, bullying and coercion, and invoke Raguel to ensure fair legal proceedings and outcomes, transparent processes and accountability.

Archangel Raguel offers assistance when we wish to experience more harmonious relationships (of all kinds), and brings balanced, peaceful resolutions to disagreements or disputes. Raguel, while always honouring our free-will, lovingly guides us to reach agreeable solutions that serve the highest good for all. Raguel can help to heal, improve and deepen relationships of all kinds.

Archangel Raguel is a resolver of conflict and is able to resolve problems and dissolve and dispel any residual negative energies. Archangel Raguel is able to assist those who may feel mistreated or slighted to feel more empowered within themselves. Archangel Raguel is also able to boost our energies and recharge us, as his energies are empowering and motivating.

Archangel Raguel assists with instilling co-operation and harmony within groups and families, defending the unfairly treated, helping with empowerment and self-esteem issues, bringing energy and rejuvenation, and instilling orderliness and mediation of disputes.

Call upon Archangel Raguel if you are having disputes or arguments, or if there is constant disharmony in your home or work environment. He can be called upon if you feel that you are being treated unfairly, and can help ease tensions, solve arguments, resolve disputes and restore good relationships. Raguel gives you support and guidance to restore harmony within relationships, and brings peace of mind.

Archangel Raguel assists with resolving disagreements and grievances and encourages co-operation and defends the persecuted and unfairly treated. You can call upon Archangel Raguel when you feel the need for respect and empowerment.

Archangel Raguel assists us to adopt more balanced perspectives, helping us to discover that we can experience inner-peace and harmony.

Archangel Raguel helps with:

- finding resolutions and problem-solving
- self-empowerment
- realignment with our higher-selves
- harmony within relationships
- support and guidance
- seeing things from a higher perspective
- restoring the balance of power
- restoring balance and harmony

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. Dear Raguel,

    Thank you for helping to guide my life and journey. Love and light always.

  2. Thank you Arc Angel Raguel for being there. Your help and guidance is much appreciated and your presence is a wonderful reassurance. Saying a special prayer for a very special friend. Thank you.

  3. I want to say I love your website, and so far have read about Raguel and Melchizedek yet not much seems to be known on your website about Melchizedek,
    which reminds me of Malech or MeleK T'Aus.

    What are your thoughts Joanne ?

    I dedicate a song to the Archangels including Ja:

    Lost Tribe - Gamemaster (youtube)
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bboe1FRs2nI

    An Honour to the Goddess of Earth, our Mother. Correct that Statement if I am wrong in terms of your Belief System.

    e-mail: the.one.who.walks.between@gmail.com

  4. Actually a correction,

    The song is dedicated to all Gods and Godesses, and the Buddhas.

    E-MAIL: the.one.who.walks.between@gmail.com