Calling Angels Into Action

Calling Angels Into Action

The word ‘angel’ is derived from the Greek work ‘angelos’, meaning ‘messenger’. Angels represent and amplify divine attributes, and offer us personal support, guidance and assistance.

We are each given ‘free will’ so that we are able to exercise our individuality. With that we are able to make our own choices and decisions. In order to learn our lessons and grow spirituality we must experience the results of both our good and bad choices.

Our angels are unable to intervene in our free will choices, but when we ask for their help they are able to assist us. 

According to Universal Spiritual Laws, we are to ask the angels and the Universe to help us by intervening into our affairs  -  and that when we do ask, we give them the power to act on our behalf, for our highest good.

At times we may not be aware of an impending dangerous situation or incident  -  but your angels may be frantically trying to get your attention to give you the ‘message’ or warning. We need to be in-tuned to hear them, listen, understand and heed their messages.

Angels can and will intervene in emergency situations when it is not written into our Life Charts (blueprints)  -  or it is not your time to go. Sometimes you may not even be aware that there was ever any danger at all ... for example, being help up in a traffic jam may be your angel’s way of ensuring you not be involved in a major road accident or the like.

On other occasions we may intuitively KNOW when we have been ‘saved’ by an angel or felt and experienced the energy of an unseen force. Some people have even sighted and felt the energy of their angels at a point of crisis or emergency. Yet others ‘hear’ the voice of their angels distinctly as they covey their messages and warnings.  

These are often referred to as miracles.

The more we learn and practice working with the angels, the more they are able to help us to create miracles in our lives every day. Angels are our assigned helpers and nothing is too small or too large to all on them about.

Angels have different responsibilities and specialities and we are able to call upon different bands of angels to help us in different or various areas of our lives. Whenever you are feeling over-burdened, fearful, faced with a problem or confused, call upon the angels to assist and heal the situation.

Once you have said your prayer and/or stated your decree or wish for assistance, turn the problem over to the angels. Trusting them to take care of the issue is the best possible way. Imagine and visualize that the problem is already solved and the resolution found.

Call upon the angels, trust in their assistance, and expect miracles.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. How did you learn about angels? What factual books or documents have you read?

    1. I usually dont say much brenda Harris. But science proving metaphysics works in opposite polarity. You have to be stupidsmart when you speak by staying silent to hear it speak.. sorry if your closed to open reality miricules based on awake or asleep without any consciousness to expand.. unless yours shoes dont fit. Then you can talk and walk comfortably...I read the insert I put in my shoes.. better sole!

    2. It’s all about the energy. Sit with yourself, be still, be present, be love, you will feel it my friend 💕🙏

  2. Have had way too many runs of numbers, particularly no.2, hear the name I am called at work spoken softly when no-one is close, almost a trill of sound near me, have attached a crystal Angel unknowingly to my necklace of Treasures, been given a tiny stone Angel from another country.

  3. For many years I have seen the number 444. I see it on the clock. I have dreams about it. It is everywhere. I just happen to google this, expecting to find nothing, I am astonished by this information.

  4. This site is so informative i love it :)

    A few Years ago I went to a spiritual healer and she told me about angels and a few days later started seeing 44 all the time, as soon as I became aware of it I searched online and found this site... A few months later i was reading about jesus' teachings and many things resonated with me but as someone who isn't religious (and is against mainstream belief systems) I started seeing 33 instead of 44 and I didn't know the number was associated with Jesus until after I started seeing it and then looked it up... I was so amazed I decided to pray to him and ask for a sign of his existence and that night I woke up facing my alarm clock at 3:33! I stared at it for what felt like the whole minute so I must have woken up almost exactly when the time changed. I was so excited i couldn't get back to sleep for about an hour but when i did i woke again facing the clock at 7:33 (half an hour before my alarm) both times my head was about a foot away from the alarm with the numbers right in front of me as soon as I opened my eyes... I felt extremely blissful for the next few days.. :)

    I tried it again a few times in periods of self-doubt.. No luck hehe... It must have been the wholehearted enthusiasm i had the first time, but my clock on wall stopped with the hands pointing to 4:44 and 43 seconds he he.. I love coming back to this site for reassurance... Peace to all :)

  5. How does an individual call upon the angels? Do you know or have recommendations of any special prayers that can be used to call for assistance from the angels above?

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    1. Thank you I am in awe at all the information on this site and some we miss because we look for something else so thank you for the links to other pages about Angels much love and light xxx🤗💜

  7. Thank you for your guidance. God bless you.

  8. Hey i have a question can the angels read our thoughts or only when we ask for help

  9. Hi im 1995 20 october