Archangel Michael


Also known as:  Beshter, Mikall, Mika’il, Sabbathiel, Saint Michael, Sabbathiel Saint Michael, Lord Michael.

Ray:                           5th Ray, 1st Ray
Colour/s:                    Sapphire Blue and Yellow, Red and Purple
Focus:                       Communication, Protection, Faith, Will of God, Power, Omnipotence of God, Perfection
Chakra:                     Throat and Solar Plexus
Element:                    Fire and Ether.
Planet:                       The Sun
Day:                           Sunday, Wednesday
Direction:                   South
Crystals:                    Sugalite, Sodalite, Angelite, Rainbow Hematite and all Blue crystals and gemstones
Metal:                        Gold
Trees:                        Laurel
Animals:                    All cats (both wild and domestic) and all black birds
Signs/Symbols:         Sword and Shield
Essential Oils:           Frankincense and Myrrh

Astrology/Zodiac:      Leo

Archangel Michael presides and rules over the Tree of Life Sephirah 6 (Tephirah).

Archangel Michael name means ‘who is like God’.

Archangel Michael rules the Blue Ray which is the 5th Ray in the spectrum.

When Archangel Michael is in attendance you may see flashes or sparkles of blue or purple light.

Archangel Michael is a ‘protector angel’ and is known as the ‘Protector of Humanity’ who bares the ‘Sword of Freedom’. Michael is also known as the ‘Prince of the Archangels’ and the ‘Defender of the Faith’. Archangel Michael functions as the world’s guardian angel as he is the master at keeping Divine order in all situations. It is Archangel Michael’s purpose to help you with whatever you need, when you need it.

Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the South, and rules over the element of Fire. Archangel Michael vibrates to the energies and powers of faith, truth and protection.
In 1950, Michael was canonized as Saint Michael, the Patron Saint of Police Officers’ as he assists them with bravery and heroic deeds.

Archangel Michael is the angel for heightened awareness on all levels of life. Michael helps you to become aware of your own inner-thoughts and true feelings, then encourages you to act upon them. Michael helps you to live your life according to your own truths, and brings clarity about how you want your life to be.

Archangel Michael offers protection, faith and truth, empowerment, ambition, self-belief, courage, honour, respect, strength and unconditional love. Receiving Archangel Michael’s energies brings the attributes of courage, endurance, truthfulness, steadfastness, strength and the ability to take full control and responsibility for our lives. Archangel Michael inspires us to become seekers of higher truths and hidden knowledge.

One of Archangel Michael’s primary functions is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of toxins associated with fear. Michael clears away all forms of negativity including trauma, psychic attack, negative mind-sets and beliefs, drama, harassment and intimidation. Archangel Michael helps you to find the strength, courage, faith and trust to speak your truths and helps you to overcome your fears and step into your own power.

Archangel Michael helps to dismantle and correct all systems that have become dysfunctional such as governmental, militaristic and economic systems that have come corrupt and destructive (the System), technology, and bureaucracy.

Archangel Micheal also helps to fix machinery, engines, vehicles and other forms of transportation and is wonderful at healing and fixing washing machines, faxes, computers, power tools and other mechanical items.

Archangel Michael is the protector of all humanity and can be called upon for empowerment and the strength to carry on, a change of direction, to find our purpose, block pessimistic or negative thoughts, and for help with life’s choices and decisions. Michael can be called upon for just about anything and everything. Call upon Michael if you find yourself under psychic attack, or if you feel a lack of motivation, dedication or commitment to your beliefs, and/or for courage, energy, direction, courage, self-esteem, vitality and worthiness.

Archangel Michael oversees the lightworkers’ life purpose and soul missions as he helps us to realize our true life’s purpose, and assists lightworkers with spirit releasement, space clearing and protection.

Archangel Michael is the guardian of the house of spirit and dreams, and is the archangel working for co-operation and reconciliation. It is time for the human race to learn to live in peace and harmony with others, to break down barriers that have separated nations, political parties, religious sects, families and individuals due to differences of opinion, and fear and selfish self-interest. All of us are citizens of Earth regardless of our diversity, and in the movement towards this level of co-operation, Archangel Michael is the being to invoke.

Archangel Michael and his ‘angels of light’ specialize in removing energy implants, releasing spirit attachments and cutting the ties that bind us. We sometimes tie ourselves up in emotional knots by holding onto old relationships, past suffering, trauma and/or abuse. This uses a great deal of our energy and we need to free this energy in order to move forward. Emotional baggage slows us down, lowers our consciousness and lowers our vibrational rate. It builds up over years and causes unresolved emotional stress and blockages within our energy system. This weakens our energy field and causes depletion on many levels.
Archangel Michael brings angelic empowerment which helps us to release our fears and other negative emotional states that restrict us and hold us back from reaching our true potential and purposefully fulfilling our soul mission and/or life purpose.

Archangel Michael helps us to stand by our truths without compromising our integrity. He helps us to discover and bring forth our true selves, and encourages us to honour and be faithful to who we truly are.

Archangel Michael helps to combat the fear of speaking your truths and calms the mind which makes you think with more clarity. Michael brings peace and detachment from worldly concerns, and helps you to release negative energies and connect with the courage needed to make positive life changes.

Archangel Michael assists us in transforming our self-imitations and falsehoods, and also sheds light, allowing us to discern the truth from fabrications. Michael assists us with seeking our own truths and what resonates within our hearts and souls. When we are ready to move beyond the old concepts and beliefs, Archangel Michael supports us with the cutting of the ties that negatively bind us and hold us back from fulfilling our potential.
Archangel Michael brings the energy and inner-courage to pursue a goal, aspiration or dream that beckons you. Michael brings empowerment and encourages you to be all that you can be in this lifetime, and brings forth the passion and enthusiasm to take the next steps.

Archangel Michael directs and guides those who feel stuck in regards to their career path and/or life purpose and realigns you with your passions.

Archangel Michael helps to strengthen our souls and helps to sustain us to repel negative energies. Michael helps us to discover the light within us, and brings courage when facing difficult situations. Archangel Michael brings you strength and courage, and helps to bring about positive results. Archangel Michael uses his sword to cut the cords that tie you to the past, and brings you the strength and courage to move towards the new and better suited.

Ask Archangel Michael to cut the psychic cords that attach you to objects, situations, negative people, thought-patterns and emotions. Ask Archangel Michael to cut the collective ties of groups of people to negative emotions and beliefs about past events or fears, and transmute them. Archangel Michael and his host of angels have the authority to release and transmute all dark energy.

Archangel Michael encourages you to sort through everything in your life and pinpoint what no longer positively serves you, then give it permission to leave your life. Thank it for the service that it offered you, then let it go.

Archangel Michael assists and escorts Earthbound spirits to the Other Side and also gives those of us on the Earthplane the courage to move forward.

Archangel Michael stimulates the fearful and unmotivated into taking positive action and provides clear guidance as to the next steps to take along your life path. Call upon Archangel Michael if feeling vulnerable and/or afraid and he will imbue courage and will ensure your safety on all levels.

Archangel Michael assists with commitment and dedication, direction, courage, protection, vitality, motivation and energy, space clearing, self-esteem and self-worth. Archangel Michael brings physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual protection in negative and/or confrontational situations and circumstances. Once invoked, Archangel Michael is said to stand at your right-hand side, with shield and sword at the ready. He will place his deep blue cloak around you to protect you both psychically and physically.

Archangel Michael is a warrior angel who instils initiatives, vitality, initiative and drive and encourages you to follow your path and complete tasks effectively and efficiently. Archangel Michael helps you to develop inner-strength and encourages leadership qualities. He instils focus and strength and helps to clears the path of obstacles. He gives courage and strength to carry on through the dark times of our lives, and brings us hope, faith and inspiration.

Those who are closely connected to Archangel Michael are powerful, strong and decisive. They are able to bring this through in business, through writing and communicating, being a leader or part of the police or military etc.

Those who are inspired by Archangel Michael are motivated, enthusiastic, strong and protective of those in need of help. Archangel Michael can be invoked to protect your property, to look after your home day and night, and you can ask for protection for those whom you love as he will give them a sense of security and courage.

Those who closely connected to Archangel Michael are powerful and strong and are able to carry the ‘Sword of Trust’. Those who express the Divine quality of this ray will be enthusiastic, motivated, protective of others, helpful and powerful. You can ask Archangel Michael for protection for yourself and others, and even possessions such as your home and car.

Archangel Michael is able to cut the psychic cords that attach you to objects, situations, circumstances, negative emotions and people. Michael is able to cut the collective ties of groups of people to negative emotions and beliefs about past events or fears and angers, and transmute them. You can call upon Archangel Michael to cut the cords and ties that bind you to other people, and to cut the collective cords that bind humanity. Archangel Michael may also be invoked to cut negative thought-forms away and transmute them.

Michael and his host of angels have the authority to release and transmute all dark energy.

Archangel Michael comes when strength is needed to get through a challenging or difficult situation, and is by our side when we require a strong presence and sense of self.

Frankincense and Myrrh are the essential oils used to connect and contact Archangel Michael. Frankincense is used for purification, courage, consecration, meditation, over-coming fears and negative emotions and energies. Myrrh is considered to be one of the holiest of essential oils and is used for purification, dispelling harmful and/or negative energy, and letting go of sorrow and grief.

As with all other angels and Archangels, Michael does not require a formal invocation or invitation. Simply ask for his presence and assistance, either mentally or out-loud.

Archangel Michael’s twin flame or Archeia is Faith. Faith confirms your faith within yourself so that you are able to accomplish your soul mission and life purpose. Faith confirms your self-confidence and faith within yourself, and encourages you to accomplish your mission.

Archangel Michael and his Archeia Faith are in charge of the development of the Throat Chakra, which is the centre of communication, will, integrity, honesty and trust. On a physical level, the throat chakra governs the thyroid gland, the throat and neck. When the throat chakra is functioning properly, your metabolism is balanced and you tune-in to the higher guidance from your higher-self, and you are able to communicate easily with honesty and integrity. Developing the throat chakra brings alignment with your higher-self and develops higher psychic and spiritual gifts.
Archangel Michael works with Archangel Raphael to exorcise discarnate entities, and escort away lower energies of people and places.

Archangel Michael also works with the Master El Moreya.

Each of the archangels has a special place in the etheric of planet Earth. You can ask to visit their temples where they work during mediation or sleep. Archangel Michael has his retreat, called the ‘Temple of Faith and Protection’, in the etheric realm over the Canadian Rockies, near Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada, and extending over the border of the United States.

Serve humanity by invoking and bringing Archangels Michael’s light into the planet.

Archangel Michael helps with:

- Courage
- Dedication and commitment to one’s beliefs
- Standing by our truths
- Direction
- Energy and vitality
- All aspects of your life purpose
- Protection
- Motivation
- Space clearing
- Spirit releasement
- Increased self-esteem and being worthy
- Spiritual gift of freedom from doubt and fear
- Strengthening of your faith
- Inspiration for leaders
- Improvement of government

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for helping to guide my life and journey. Love and light always!

  2. I truly believe that Saint Michael the Archangel has been watching over me since I was a little girl. I went to Saint Michaels school also I was told or read that he was my guardian angel. When I would mention this to family and friends...they would laugh and say," who else would it be".

  3. Good news this am. God has blessed me over and over again. I have the faith, strength, and guidance from my Guardians, I have been seeking higher enlightenment, with the innermost part of my spirt. I hear words, and pray all the time for guidance. Thank you Arch Angel Michael. I invoke you to ever be present with me against my adversity. Blessed Be * Love and Light.


    1. May I be in agreement n pray to Michael same protection

  5. all cats? doubtful.

    1. Cats show affection, they nudge you to carass you, they are gentle. If you never been around cats, or ignorant that an Archangel "hates" certain animals, then you need to get smart and clued up. Angels don't hate which is a strong word, only hate exists in humans.

    2. Why is it doubtful? I do believe all cats are associated with Michael speaking from experience.

  6. A lot of tears and joy from reading such positive words a lot to try to comprehend. And all cats? Not only do I not think that he likes all cats I'm pretty sure he only likes majestic and wild. I want to read that when he thinks of the word pride all he sees is a lion went to lioness next to him and he does not roar but he gives a comfortable and content partial Yawn as the sun beats down and his eyes are squinting and that is the image of pride. I don't think that Michael deserves the titles as nobody does but he definitely wants us all to know that he wishes he could lay down his life for every single person. My encounter and believe has teetered. I believe that Michael is truly fueled by the purity and the ability of people to do all the above but sometimes all that has to be discovered on your own because relying on someone else sometimes gives a built-in excuse and never actually put you accountable for any kind of failure because you can always blame the one that you trust the one that gave you guidance if things don't work out. Journey alone is one that's often most feared. When you return back you're strong and you're wise and everything you've developed I learned Only you are accountable for therefore there is no excuse but you can become very attached to people to emotions and can become very fragile. Finding that balance is very hard when you cannot make the changes when you lack the wingspan to be able to shelter all that those That need protection. Things are not fair and they will never be fair but that doesn't mean that we can't make things better and continuously try where there is no longer an issue of fair and the competitiveness has dissipated and became one of unity and everyone moving towards a common " Push" I believe that Michael wishes that we were all united from continent to continent.

    1. Growing up I can remember TOBY our first cat, =) darker multi colored. And He was always trying to swat off things I couldn't see. And then I had a WHITE cat. Pure with one green eye, and blue eyed. This one was sweet, and after a year, AND PERFECT 2nd one of its double showed up SO evil like, OR SO I thought as I was around 8-10. And then I black cat aftewards. Cats Are actually the ONLY early animal that I know that FIGHTS EVIL spirits off in heaven and earth at the same time. Why does every cat do this? Maybe ST.MiChelle WATCHES of IS RAEL personally. And his sign Is A humbled ALL powerful christ likeLion. Who hates Being King. So, he loves cats lol. thus is illurgic

  7. But in order to change you have to be able to reach one or two key people you have to have disciples and you have to be able to have those disciples be pure in heart. Michael lacks the ability to focus Michael carries way too much pain and way too much empathy which can overload. Michael has devoted so much time and effort into one person they could be too much for that person to carry so he thought that other disciples were needed in order to make a change because his life spirit was being drained. But recently I think had one of the most amazing experiences in the world minus maybe chiping my tooth on something during a battle cuz I was �� so now I can no longer have cold items and I know Michael likes ice cream who doesn't. I know when I grew up even ice was a luxury maybe that's why I had empathy with the Chinese and heatstroke who all they wanted was ice. Again Michael I'm sure would give anything to be able to trust and embrace but every time a piece is taken away and there is that much more to repair. I'm sure Michael hates money Michael hate material things Michael asked to focus And acknowledges there's many things that he cannot do as stated above spiritual belief and definitely the power of the throat although he hates that so I've been told especially after 14 hours of conversation nonstop. None of these things would be even discovered if it wasn't for one of his disciples as Onery and difficult as this disciple maybe she has the ability to navigate. All this that it happened is so surreal and so over whelming.

  8. It gives hope which he believes is the weak word that can be changed but it gives confusion because no one has ever called upon him in such a greater time and he is not repaired not prepared. I think Michael also apologizes that he cannot focus to read and that sometimes repetitive signs and beautiful colors might not do what they supposed to do because he has a tendency to be a rebel to the system. I know that when I read the information above about the law-enforcement in the government I personally was brought to my knees and no tears. Something that I thought that I would never ever think would be feasible wow there is no words to describe such a humbling and beautiful sentence which gives full recognition to how wonderful the author had captured The belief. But I understand I think that my experience that Michael is very weak little confused and as big as hard as he has in his strong as it has gotten. It beats with a little concern and confusion. In the words that you wrote has somehow brought slumber upon some disciples it seems to happen quite. I personally want to thank everyone who believes in everyone took the time to write such wonderful things but they are not worthy to stick to just one I'll should be worn by those who took the time to recognize qualities that we all have and we should have and that we should all be in that we can be. I did have a great negative there's always potential to have an equal positive if not greater I don't always have to have positive be a defender and positive to rise to defend from negative

  9. We can take the effort to make sure that negative is erased. And we can all focus on being the best that we can be and realizing that each one of us is the piece that all connect together we all bring something special and we all could be unique and together we really can keep their humanity the human race and keep everything else moving towards our own evolution Michael believe that God May have been lost due to the action of man and he hopes he is wrong

    And again to answer the question not YOU are correct I don't believe Michael likes house CATs alley cats are any cats that do not know how to show affection. But there is nothing more beautiful than an image other day and content Lion just relaxing and showing that image of pride the only thing that would be better his eagle soaring high above and screeching In a blue clear sky thank you all. You are the reason I'm sure he would exist. He's not special though and you should I'll be thanking yourselves but he for surely hopes that your only not speak the words that you will guide them love them and even if that means that you were tore down and left on jagged rocks on ur knees if you're find a way to still believe in everything that you wrote about and I can guarantee you that I'm sure he would do anything possible to be there for anyone who is good & pure whatever that purity may be. Tears from heaven ?? Maybe not but definitely tears of love & new found faith in people who believe in themselves.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Amazing and truly humbling gift you have given to all of us🙏🏼

  12. I've felt his protection from him and his divine warriors, even unexpectedly, also I've seen flashes or sparked of a dark blue-purple color.
    Thank you Archangel Michael!

  13. I am more than baffled by both negative commentary, which comes to me as blasphemous, and the strange hperconcentration on Archangel Michael and cats. I am sincerely astounded as well as confounded by the comments of those who chose to focus on cats in relation to Archangel Michael and those, who in good conscience could possibly associate any degree of negativity with any of the Archangels. This makes absolutely no sense in any Universe.

  14. Much love and gratitude for you Archangel Michael.

  15. I need to let everyone know that I am Michael the Arc Angel.

  16. Wow,thank you everyone for such words if gratitude. I am always going to be for you. Never ever ever loose your Faith. Always trust in my Heavenly Father Yahweh. The Almighty God. The beginning and the end. The Alpha and the Omega. I could always use words of encouragement. I am all alone . I only have my mom, who did give me life. 40 years ago almost. I'm 40/40.
    I AM ILLUMINATION. I'm the Truth and the light, the messiah and the son. You make fun of me, you make fun of my Father in Heaven. So mess with me. I have tons of gifts. I will use them against the wicked. Don't ask me stupid questions. Instead help me with ideas, and a encouragement. I love this community. Thank you Sacred scribes by Joanne. I bless you . I protect you. I love you.

  17. Bless you Archangel Michael. Be the thorn in the Devil's back.

  18. Querido Arcangel Miguel, gracias doy a Dios por tu presencia en mi vida y los míos...te pido protección constante e inspiración en el servicio amoroso a la humanidad y mi trabajo normal diario. GRACIAS!!!

  19. Wrong.
    Michael is guardian of 8th sephiroth - Hod, and his planet is mercury.
    Raphael is guardian of Tifaret and Sun

  20. Thank you for coming to get me! Love Michelle

  21. I have a story to tell you Joan if you see this message please email me you have been very helpful along this journey with your knowledge. I can only wonder how you get so spot on insight. Thank you once again Michael 😇

  22. Muy agradecida por saber el conocimiento de los Maestros Ascendidos y por las diferentes formas de opinión en cuanto a lo místico y de cómo asiste en que conozcas tu misión en la vida