Lord Kuthumi


Also known as:  Master Kuthumi, Mahatma Kuthumi mal Singh, Koot Hoomi, Sirdar Thakar Singh Sadhanwalia

Ray:                          2nd Ray
Colour/s:                   Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange 
Focus:                       Manifesting and manifestation
Chakra:                    Sacral Chakra
Signs/Symbols:        The Taj Mahal

Lord Kuthumi is the Chohan or Master of the 2nd Ray, which is known as the Ray of Divine Love and Wisdom. This ray also governs truth and understanding. Kuthumi brings the teachings of the Golden Age psychology, and is known as ‘The Master Psychologist’.
Master Kuthumi watches over the numbers 6, 15 and 24, and those born in June.

Lord Kuthumi is a member of the ‘Brotherhood of the Golden Robe’; those who take on the pain of the world. Lord Kuthumi attempts to transform the current dogmatic thinking of some religious faiths into the concept of unconditional love.

Many of Earth’s mysteries which have long been a source of curiosity to mankind will be clarified through Kuthumi’s spiritual manifestation. This is due in part to the shift in mass consciousness, which also has its effect on all life Universally.

Lord Kuthumi comes to those who seek knowledge and is influencing our consciousness at this time during our evolution. Kuthumi is teaching and guiding us to manifest our soul’s desires and true wishes into our lives, and encouraging us to love our lives and live them to their fullest potential, with love, light and joy. Lord Kuthumi helps us to raise our vibrational rate and helps us to bring forth our own Divine light.

The Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi assists with focus and concentration, and encourages dedication to our life purpose and soul missions. Lord Kuthumi helps us to work through the emotional and spiritual conditions that hold us back from fulfilling our full potentials, and teaches us how to overcome the ego and stay focused upon our purposes, principles and true selves. Lord Kuthumi encourages steady focus and a willingness for higher truths.

Lord Kuthumi oversees and assists with the work of teachers, students, researchers, architects, designers, ambassadors and artists of all kinds. Invoke Lord Kuthumi if you wish to be able to impart truth and understanding to others. You can also ask for more tact and foresight, intuition, wisdom and the ability to learn and absorb information.

Within the ancient Tarot, the Ruling Master of The LOVERS card is the Master Kuthumi. Kuthumi is also the ruling master of The DEVIL tarot card.

In past incarnations, Lord Kuthumi was Pythagoras who brought in sacred geometry and the music of the spheres. Lord Kuthumi was also Saint Francis and the wise man Balthazat, Shah Jahan who had the Taj Mahal built, and John the Divine amongst others.

Lord Kuthumi works with Archangel Jophiel to infuse people with illumination and wisdom, foresight, kindness and consideration, tact, diplomacy and friendliness.

Kuthumi’s Twin Flame is Lady Clair, the ‘Queen of Light’, also known as Lady Radiant One.

Ascended Master Lord Kuthumi has a special place in the etheric of planet Earth and you can ask to visit his temple during mediation or sleep. Lord Kuthumi has his etheric retreat over Machu Picchu.

Lord Kuthumi helps with:

- dedication to your life purpose
- manifesting true desires
- success with achieving goals and aspirations (business and financial)
- enjoyment of life
- focus and concentration
- seeking knowledge and wisdom
- learning and absorbing information
- imparting truth and understanding to others

Sacred Scribes


  1. I am from India, I never heard of this GOD, I am surprised.

    1. Master kuthumi is a financial helping master.

  2. Lord Kuthumi is an Ascended Master, not a god.

  3. I have been receiving messages in writing from Kuthumi for 11 years now. He is a wonderful Ascended Master. The world teacher. I am lucky to have him as one of my guides. ~Namaste

  4. Master Kuthumi has been sending me messages for 11 years now. He is know as the world teacher. I am very lucky to have him as one of my guides. ~Namaste

  5. How will I know which ascended Masters are working with me?

  6. I am Reiki Healer and Master Kuthimi has been guiding me and my life path for years, and I finally realized this connection we have this year. Thank you, great knowledge here! <3

  7. Kuthumi is the teacher who can show how to turn pain into joy, sorrow into compassion and knowledge into purpose. He will strengthen your bond with Jesus as he is so close to him. When you laugh or feel amused, he is near you.

  8. how to invoke lord kuthumi

  9. How to invoke lord Kuthumi

  10. Well guess what, I'm almost done waking Lady Clair, I found her, and then she should be able to complete mine.

  11. Lord Kuthumi appeared to me - he was tallish, medium to slender build with shoulder length gold white hair tied back in a lowish pony.
    What a divine experience