Maha Chohan


Also known as:  Lord Maha Chohan, Maha Chohan, Ascended Master Maha Chohan

Ray:                         7th Ray, 3rd Ray
Colour/s:                  Yellow, Purple
Focus:                      Manifesting and manifestation
Element/s:               Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms
Crystal/s:                 Topaz
Trees/Plant:             Ivy 
Animal/s:                 White Dove
Signs/Symbols:       White Dove
Spice:                      Cinnamon

The Maha Cohan’s name means ‘the Great Lord’ and he is known as the ‘Keeper of the Cosmic Flame’ or the ‘Keeper of the Flame’. The Maha Chohan is also known as ‘The Comforter’, and he brings comfort to humankind and all life on planet Earth.

The Maha Chohan is also known as ‘The Lord of Civilization’, and it is his influence which stimulates those who aspire to dynamic positions of leadership within communities.

Lord Maha Chohan embodies the White Light of the Seven Rays, is the Master of the 7th Ray, and also works with the energies of the 3rd Ray, giving the 3rd Ray energies to the numbers 10, 20 and 30 in particular.

Lord Maha Chohan is connected to the minerals of the Earth and is at the helm and oversees the Mineral and Elemental Kingdoms and works to manifest in nature. As Maha Chohan is connected to the Mineral Kingdom, when human evolution is sufficiently developed, the minerals of the Earth will co-operate with humans in an exciting and uplifting partnership.

The Maha Chohan teaches us about balance, trust and making conscious choices in our lives. He guides us to seek equilibrium, balance, integrity and honour in our lives, and assists us with the process of manifestation through enlightened wisdom. The Maha Chohan helps to open us up to the Divine gifts of faith, knowledge, wisdom, healing, insight and clairvoyance, and manifesting and manifestation.

The Lord Maha Chohan is associated with Universal love, patience, discipline, kindness and consideration, endurance, intelligence and improvisation. The Maha Chohan teaches us that when we wish to make progress upon our spiritual path we need patience, persistence and discipline. Maha Chohan also helps us to discern what is real and what is not. Lord Maha Chohan brings courage, assurance, strength, energy, and power to stand by one’s truths.

For those who have an awakened spirituality and for The Illuminated Ones, Lord Maha Chohan’s guidance is one of inspiration, and he sends strengthening energies that will encourage and intensify positive qualities of the personality.

Lord Maha Chohan directs different forms of culture and civilizations through the hearts and minds of enlightened individuals so that all can develop and unfold according to the Divine plan of all lives. The Maha Chohan brings new beginnings and a fresh sense of purpose to those under his influence.

Lord Maha Chohan is said to have been the blind poet, Homer, in a former incarnation.

Within the ancient Tarot, the ruling masters of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE card are the Master Lord Maha Chohan and the Lord Master Hilarion.

The Ruling Master of the FOOL Tarot card is The Maha Chohan and he is also the master for the JUDGMENT Tarot card.

Lord Maha Chohan’s Twin Flame is the Ascended Lady Master, also known as Pallas Athena.

The spiritual, etheric retreat of the the Maha Chohan and Pallas Athena is called the ‘Temple of Comfort’, located over Sri Lanka.

Lord Maha Chohan helps with:

- Teaching and learning spiritual and esoteric information
- opening us up to the Divine gifts of faith, knowledge, wisdom, healing and clairvoyance
- discerning what is real and what is not
making conscious choices
manifesting through enlightened wisdom
- renewing a sense of purpose

Sacred Scribes


  1. This is great, just discovered Lord Chohan today. I am sure he has been with me for awhile and I am just reaching a point of becoming aware of him. @crystaltarotreadings.fyi Instagram

  2. I can tell you how to not be incarnated into a lower form for two lives without need of faith.
    But, I can't say who I am, or what I am (obviously)
    I am what or as I do such as is everyone else (apparently)

    This was to be very ez & simple
    read after searching -- oh my -- my name is ... I forgot "the" name suddenly I'll have to come back.

  3. In Agni Yoga the wisdom of all the Mahatmas are compiled in the teaching volumes of LIVING ETHICS.

  4. Why does the Maha Chohan remain nameless?