Lady Portia


Also known as:  Ascended Master Lady Portia, Lady Portia, Master Lady Portia

Ray:                           7th Ray
Colour:                      Gold, Cobalt Blue
Focus:                       Feminie energies, strength and power
Chakra:                     All
Element/s:                Earth, Wind, Air and Fire
Crystals:                   Amethyst
Signs/Symbols:        Scales of Justice

Lady Portia represents the 7th Ray on the Board of the Lords of Karma, and is the Master or Chohan of the Golden Ray. Lady Portia is one of the Lords of Karma and sits on the Karmic Board.

Lady Portia embodies Divine Justice and is known as the ‘Goddess of Justice’ and the ‘Goddess of Opportunity’.

Lady Portia is the ‘Keeper of the Sacred Heart Flame’ (also known as the ‘Holy Heart Flame’) which is the feminine aspect of the Violet Flame energy. Lady Portia helps us to anchor the Violet Flame of Transformation within our hearts and minds, and that of humanity.

One of Lady Portia’s main roles is to teach humanity how to attain and maintain balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, through using the attributes of the four elements of Earth, Wind, Air and Fire.

Master Lady Portia’s energies help to bring us into balance in all ways, bringing harmony, inner-peace and stability to all levels of our being. Lady Portia teaches us to attain balance between all polarities, and how to balance love and wisdom, and justice and mercy.

Lady Portia governs judgement and mercy and assists those who want to balance head and heart, and those who come from the lower vibrations (eg. to criticize and/or judge others) to raise their energies and vibrations to their heart centre so that they are able to be more loving and accepting of themselves and others.

Lady Portia shows us that being able to forgive others for their transgressions releases them from their karma, and also releases ourselves. Lady Portia helps to release karma on all levels  -  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Lady Portia increases feminine energies and enables justice, excellence and success. Lady Portia encourages women who are strong within themselves to step forward in whatever way or field they excel in. Lady Portia inspires women to step into their own power and look to opportunities to find success and achievement in their chosen field and/or path.

Master Lady Portia inspires us to be all that we can be and encourages us to live our dreams and fulfil our life’s purpose.

Lady Portia brings grace and justice, and can be called upon for help with legal issues and actions and for assistance in all legal matters.

Lady Portia is the twin flame or Archeia of Saint Germain, and they have their etheric retreat (known as the ‘Cave of Light’) above the northern mountains of India.

Lady Portia helps with:

- Releasing karma on all levels
- Finding and attaining balance and stability
- Finding forgiveness for the self and others
- Living our dreams and fulfilling our life purpose
- Stepping into your own power
- Assistance with all legal issues and actions

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  1. Very interesting accounts of our interactions within the life stream and the effect ripple it brings in its train. Lady Portia appeared in my meditation today, very rewarding,