As we become consciously aware and learn how to sense the presence of angels, the veil between our world and theirs becomes thinner.

We do not need to be psychic or clairvoyant in order to experience angelic contact and connection. The angels wish for all of us to communicate with them, daily. Angelic assistance and communication is always available, and all we need to do is ask.

Angels are obedient, Divine beings who obey cosmic law, and it is their duty to give freely and lovingly of themselves as this is an expression of the outpouring of their Divine essence of light and love.

Many people never actually physically see an angel, making it all the more important to learn how to sense the presence of angels. Angels are able to be perceived by all of the human senses.

It is quite simple to learn how to sense the presence of angels.

*  The atmosphere of the room (or environment) suddenly changes, and you feel surrounded and/or enveloped by a warm glow. The air may tingle around you, or you may feel a rush of energy down your spine.

*  A beautiful fragrance may waft around you or fill a room or the space you are in. This aroma can be described as the smell of summer flowers and sometimes as sweet Myrrh.

*  When we first learn how to sense the presence of angels, we may experience a particular sweet taste in our mouths. We may also hear ethereal sounds, which are often associated with angelic renewal and healing.

*  We often experience a feeling of encompassing love and an overwhelming sense of peace.

*  Coloured, twinkling lights may seem to appear from out of nowhere and have no visible source. Shafts of brilliant light and sometimes spheres and spots of colour dance in front of your eyes. This can happen when you are consciously working with the angels and/or when drifting off to sleep.

*  During ‘angelic meditation’ we may experience a bright dazzling light in front of us. This can be seen even when your eyes are closed.

*  During meditation we may experience an ‘angelic breeze’, which feels much like a warm summer breeze wafting over us.

*  We may feel the presence of angel wings enfolding us or brushing against us.  Sometimes we may even feel angelic hands touching our shoulders and/or hands.

*  When we learn how to sense the presence of angels we may become aware of increasing ‘coincidences’ occurring in our lives, and our problems seem to solve themselves, most often in the most unexpected ways.

Joanne Walmsley
Sacred Scribes


  1. Beginning a few months ago,I began seeing small dots around me. They are violet/lavender in color and seems to come out of nowhere. I was take aback by this sudden onset and looked into it. I didn't find anything related go eye problems,so I began to wonder of this might be a positive sign,a message from my angels. Now,whenever I see these colored spots,I am reminded to reflect and realign with my true self. A being of love,light and compassion. It has been a positive in my life. Thank you for this page.

    1. I have experienced something similar. It was when I was visiting Sedona and hiking Bell Rock. I kept seeing these greenish, twinkling dots or spots of light that were everywhere all of a sudden. I kept rubbing my eyes thinking it was something with my vision. But, back at the hotel in totally different lighting I still kept seeing the green, twinkly lights

  2. Very interesting....I need to learn more about angels!!!

  3. I recently went through a break up. I was in a relationship for almost 2 years. We broke up a few times during those two years. He was a very nice man but had a little too much baggage. I never felt like a priority, more like a convenience. I finally got the courage to end it completely about a month ago. About a week after the break up i started thinking maybe i had made a mistske. I started seeing 1111 (which is also my birthday). Then I saw 3s and just the other day I saw 444. A friend told me to looked it up online. That's when I found your website. I am so glad I did. I know now that I made the right decision. I miss the relationship but I have piece of mind now that I found this site and I know that I am on the right path and the angels are with me. Thank so much.

  4. A month ago I ended a relationship of almost 2 years. We had broken up a couple of times during that time but I always took him back. I always felt I was a convenience and not a priority. After about a week after the breakup I started to think maybe I made a mistake. That is when I realized I kept seeing repetitive numbers. First it was 1111. Then I stated waking up at 5:55. Just yesterday I Kept seeing 44. I would always ecperience a calmess after seeing these nimbers. A friend who is very spiritual told me to look at this website. I now realize that the angels are helping me during this difficult time. And i made the right decision. Thank you so much for this site.

  5. I am learning so much here. Thanks again

  6. Thank you for all your help! I'm far away from my family and little to no one who genuinely help me. My angels and archangels are helping me deal with my anxiety and depression and it has been working but lately I've been feeling sad, home sick and humanly helpless. I thank God, my angels and archangels whom are with me always and let me know I am being surrounded with love and that everything will work out for me. I wish that day was here so I can be with my mother, my children and my brothers. I feel underappreciated and enslaved but Gods timing is perfect and I believe it shall be over soon.


    1. Oh bless you.
      Keep asking for their help. They will do all that they can to help you. Xx

    2. Mystic Gemini 8412/2/21 5:47 PM

      I dont know if you will see this since 2 years have passed already, but look into intergenerational trauma and epigenetics biology research. We often have feelings like this due to things passed down genetically that we aren't even aware of. Your angels are very likely trying to help you work through these feelings because now is the time that we break those karmic traumas and clear our line for generations to come in uniting with our divine selves and the wonderful guides that work closely with us. Magic is coming back into this world, finally after thousands of years of slumber due to the divinity of sacred feminine AND masculine being torn apart and now once again thanks to our Angels and guides are forming together as one like they should. With this magic brought to Earth fully soon, we can heal our ancestors hurts and heartaches as well as our own. It is a beautiful time to be here, helping humanity and Gaia heal with our loving team supporting us. Namaste.

    3. I just came upon this site researching the meaning of seeing repeat numbers and found all this information on many things Ive been questioning, I know nothing is by chance! I have seen flashes of light that I was trying to rationalize what I was seeing,this confirms the reality of Angels and I need to stop gaslighting myself and embrace my experiences! Thank you Joanne, for sharing all the information! I am on board for this amazing journey we are on!